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  • Hi Mark.

    You could ask them to fit a used Turbo, cheap from breakers on ebay.

    Their other prices are ok, it's time consuming work.

    Your car's value is low, £2,500, you can also get a 2007 for less than £3,000, see www.autotrader.co.uk

    As it is, it's worth less than £1,000.

    So if you repair yours it will just restore its value but they are dropping.

    If you change it you will only lose the £1,000 or so which you would have to spend (or even more) to fix it anyway.

    The STR is appreciating rapidly, and will be followed soon by the 4.2 non-R when STRs go over £10k, you can get a 2006-7 for £7k-£8k still.

    But both are thirsty.

    Whatever we buy, have to budget £500-£600 for unexpected problems, and do an immediate service (just oil, filter, brakes).

    It's always a hard decision with cars we love.

    For more opinions just ask on the thread, they are a cool bunch here.

    Drop me a line any time.

    All the best Mark.

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    On Tuesday, July 19, 2016, 1:14 pm, Mark Eales <mark@eandeservices.co.uk> wrote:

    Good afternoon, we have taken a look at your s-type and it seems it has several faults.

    1- o/s turbo required £800

    2- o/s egr valve maybe required but can not be fully tested due to the turbo fault putting the vehicle into restricted performance £400

    3- Recommend removing and cleaning out the intercooler and inlet system due to the build up of fuel due to being driven with the above faults £312

    4- once the above items have been replaced the vehicle will need checking and road testing for any additional faults

    5- front tyres wearing on inner edges, o/s/f below legal limit.

    All prices shown are inclusive of VAT
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