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    Underbonnet sound deadening

    Thanks Paul, and duck!
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    Underbonnet sound deadening

    Very simple question, how to remove the the fixings that hold it in place?
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    Bonnet adjustment

    So repairs to the car following the hit and run are at the bodywork stage. I have sourced a second hand bonnet, can anyone give me any advice on fitting and adjusting/aligning it to the car? I see there is a large hole in the hinge plate which corresponds to one on the bonnet, is this for an...
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    Fitting an alternator overrun pulley

    Have an INA pulley on order, can anyone tell me the size/type of special tool needed to fit it please? Car is an 09 2L Diesel.
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    Intercooler hose clips 2L diesel
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    Intercooler hose clips 2L diesel

    Thanks Nick, I didn't realise they were different sizes at each end.
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    Intercooler hose clips 2L diesel

    Usual problem, the original clips have rusted away. I can't find any replacement clips, they seem to only be supplied with new hoses. Does anyone know the size I need? Also, I have found some on fleebay that have a weird sort of spring built into the band, any idea what that's for?
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    Slight diff whine

    I recently fitted a 2nd hand diff, my own being rather clunky and the new one was nice and tight. I re-filled it with Millers 75W90 NT synthetic rather than a straight 90w. I'm getting a slight diff whine when warm around the 40-50mph mark and am wondering if I should have stuck with the heavier...
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    Regular Intermittent noise 2.2d x type

    Apologies for thread wander, Euan where did you get the oap from?
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    Fuel pump woes

    Just realised I didn't report back on this. I sent the ecm off and it was found OK. I replaced the fuel pump. On attempting to start the engine it coughed a bit now and then so I persevered and cylinder by cylinder it slowly came back to life. So, feeling extremely foolish I have to report the...
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    Hit and run

    If only it were that simple. It's a plastic elbow that fits to the plastic spigot on the radiator. The elbow has a hose attached with a tamper proof clip so elbow and radiator must come apart.
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    Hit and run

    Thanks Henry, does it rotate?
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    Hit and run

    Thanks all. I have the shadiw grey car on my list as a possible, just waiting for some paint quotes.
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    Hit and run

    Some arse pranged my car while parked and then buggered off. My ins Co have written it off, only needs bumper, bonnet and radiator. Anyway I've bought the salvage and am repairing it myself. Does anyone know where I can get the panels in Tektite grey? Can anyone recommend a good source, new or...
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    Ball joint rubber boots

    Thanks all, I assumed they were joint specific but I guess not. I'll see what I can find.