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    Oh! Hello, We have a new look Forum

    Wow ... I wondered what had happened, just for a few seconds. (Hadn't had my 'start-up' coffee !) Looks good.
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    TomTom ditches map updates for some 'free updates for life' sat-navs.
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    Burner behind bulb

    The 'burner' is another name for the whole thing you replace; it includes the 'bulb'. Do you mean the rectangular metal box in this photo ?
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    Preset volume screen frozen

    Admittedly Cardice (solid CO2, -75C) is a bit cold even for a Snow Leopard but it was the best I could think of at the time.
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    Interesting (?) Effect - Heated Windscreen

    I took the Cat out for a run yesterday afternoon and went up onto the Cotswolds (from the Severn valley) intending maybe to go to Cirencester. However before getting even to Tetbury I ran into ... FOG, as ever variable but in places with a visibility of well less than 100yds. The first thing...
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    Amphibious Jaguar

    An amphibious Jaguar ... a niche that Jaguar motors could exploit ?
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    Spotting 350s in the 'Box'

    This is from an episode of 'Lewis' (ITV), a few years ago.
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    Spotting 350s in the 'Box'

    I watched a bit of 'Coalition' on C4 on Saturday night. Nice to X350s ferrying all the 'knobs' around.
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    Re. Gearbox software upgrade ... "Oh no there isn't !"

    Re my thread 'Gearbox Upgrade Nov 2012' (which should have read 2013) In the Dec edition of Jag Enthusiast is a letter saying that the upgrade is NOT a general release for all Jag ZF 6HP26 boxes, but only for individual cars with particular problems ... apparently.
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    Gearbox software upgrade; Nov 2012 release.

    Gearbox software upgrade; Nov 2013 release (not 2012 - that was 'brain failure') Interesting letter in this month's Jag Enthusiast magazine ... The letter says according to CFS Motors (a Jag indie) of Coventry that last November (ie 2013) Jag released a 'fairly major software rewrite which...
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    Anyone know their speedo accuracy ?

    I was wondering if anyone had bothered to check their speedometer against either a separate SatNav, or timed the car against the 100m posts on a motorway. Mine seems to read 75mph (and the cruise set speed says 75) at a TomTom-indcated 70 mph. Timing it over 1.6km (very close to one mile) tends...
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    Navigation satellite lock

    If they've been messing around in the boot then they could well have done something; anyway, this is what it looks like (presumably screwed onto the underside of the shelf):
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    2.7 Tdvi - change of Engine Oil Specification

    Having just downloaded the latest additions to JagDocs documents I note that whereas ... the 2009 Vehicle Specs document listed engine oil meeting WSS-M2C-913-B for the 2.7 Diesel XJ, 2003 to 2010 MY, now the .... the 2012 Vehicle Specs document lists WSS-M2C-934-B (ie an ACEA C1 oil)...
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    Foreign Secretary in Paris ... X350 with a '75' (Paris) reg.

    Not to make light of the very serious situation in the Ukraine, for I'm sure we all hope/pray for a peaceful outcome ... but ... nice to William Hague arriving at the Foreign Ministers meeting in Paris today in a very nice pre-facelift X350 (doubltless a LWB). Interestingly it sported a '75'...