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  • My Jaguar was a 94, XJS coupe, Interior code AWF, looks like coffee, tan or sand.
    Since the car is a four seat, there is no middle seat.
    Can that help you?
    I passed my cars on to new owners so I haven't been visiting the forums lately.
    So the best way to contact me is by voice/text to 650-455-1110.
    Hi Glen, Yes the transponder is separate from the board. if you swap the boards over you should be able to reprogram the Fob remote.

    Hi Roger,
    I hope you dont mind me PMing you.
    I see your reply to my question in the xfr section about the smart key help, I have found a 2nd hand second hand smart key from a breakers, my question is, can I just swop the boards over, and have the remote part reprogrammed.
    Am I right in thinking the transponder is in one half of the key and the remote part is in the other.
    I hope you understand what I am asking,
    I am new to the jaguars so I am learning.
    Thanks for your time
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