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  • Hello, I am trying to retrofit a touchscreen unit in my X type.
    I've run the cable from the boot to under the glovebox, and have the touchscreen and nav working.
    Unfortunately the radio says communication fault and the climate control 'ignition off, no ac available'.
    I've connected the white and black plugs to a new rccm and spliced the extra wires from the touchscreen loom to the CD player loom.
    Been on it for 4 days....would you just bite the bullet and go to a dealer?
    I am very interested.How much would you want for the screen.What would it cost with post and insurance to Auckland NewZealand? I am still using the old screen which has an FW number made early 2014.The one the dealer put in was dec 2012 start CW.we had a row about it and he said the commencement numbers were irrelevant.yet it had no Meridian surround etc🤬. I would appreciate any help you could give as I have no idea what you need to do to get map in fullcluster.I thought that was protouch only i.e MY2016.myassembly vin is 82199 around dec2014 to feb 2015.
    I read somewhere in the xj x350 forum (I think it was my superv8 thread by silentium sicarius) that in the recent past you managed to successfully retrofit a 4 zone climate control on a an xj with dual zone climate. If so, could you please let me know wich are the essential parts involved (compressor, pipings, electronics,..) in this upgrade? I have a 2005 xj superv8 without (of course) such a feature. I think I have an idea already of what it takes, but the comfort given by someone so expert who tackled this task is priceless…. do you post a thread where you show all the procedure? Lots of questions…. I know. Thanks in advance for replying..
    cheers, Riccardo
    Hi mate having a bit of trouble doing this retro fit. Thought it would be easy as I have a parts car with it all fitted. Anyway got everything installed. But the screen is displaying no ignition ac not available.
    Have you any idea
    Cheers dave
    Dave i anm new to this site do you know where i can get a ready made wiring loom for retro sat nav fit for a s type
    Hi x-Dave I have everything I need for the retro fit on a jaguar x type 2009 but the wiring loom!!! Could you please help with this, thanks, jeavon007@hotmail.com
    Hello, X-Dave!
    May You please send to me instructions about installing nav screen on Jaguar.
    My e-mail kair156@rambler.ru
    Kind Regards
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