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    Mobile phone holder

    I use and ARKON Cup Holder style for my Smartphones (Galaxy S10/iPhone SE) as I don't drink beverages in my cars (only bottles water at best)
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    Front Speaker upgrades?

    No. The speakers came with adapters but weren't needed for my set up.
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    Front Speaker upgrades?

    I upgraded speakers to 6.5 all around to Kicker (f) and JBL (r).
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    X-type Headlights - were they any good when new?

    No, they weren't but lighting technology was just beginning to revolutionize at the start of the new millennium and has since jumped leaps and bounds. Halogen technology is legacy technology just as the original filament technology was to it. I recommend HID (not LED) due to the type of...
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    New Forum Interface

    Thanks for the UI upgrade, its quite nice. Is there also a new Smartphone App as well -- Android and/or Apple?
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    Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Informative website on the virus
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    Don't Buy LED Headlight Bulbs Before Watching This! | New for 2019

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    FordEtis Vehicle Summary

    I so glad that I captured the FordEtis Vehicle Summary for my X400 back in 2016. Ford has since gotten rid of the site. A week or so ago someone asked what the Axle Ratio was for the X400. I'm guessing it depends on the model you own? As you'll see my X400 came without ABS (Less Anti-Lock...
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    Jaguar Forum UK App are now OBSOLETE is both smart platforms

    Its been a while now, first the iOS (Apple) version lost support under iOS 11 and now the Android (Google) version hasn't been working for the past several months. I've uninstalled both versions until such time an announcement is made regarding the plans for future support of these smart device...
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    Jaguar Forum App Update?

    Is the Smartphone App update still on the table or has it been shelved?
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    600HP Jaguar XE SV Project 8

    Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) has revealed the most powerful, agile and extreme performance Jaguar road car ever – the 200mph, 600PS XE SV Project 8 sedan.
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    Jaguar Forum App

    Question to the site administrators -- is there a timetable for updating the Jaguar Forum App for support under iOS 11?
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    Informational - Jaguar FYI Links

    Thought these website links would be good to Bookmark
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    One of the rarest animals on the planet, the black Jaguar

    Tribute to Black Jaguar owners (All Models) - BEAUTIFUL!