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    Nectar Points

    I collect Nectar points and several times odd offers by Sainsbury have not attracted the points from the app. This week I saved 940 points worth of food offers. They were saved in the saved folder, however not applied at checkout. I have been back to Sainsbury's but they didn't want to know. I...
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    Weird start up!!

    Today I filled up with diesel and when I got in to start it, the engine fired up for about 3 secs then cut out. I tried again and nothing. Panic and brown corduroys set in. I needed to get back home. So another try after removing my foot from the brake and trying again. It started first time...
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    Hello everyone

    I have just signed up to the Forum and have a Jaguar XE R Sport 180D from new (2005). Over the years I have gained quite a bit of knowledge about the in's and out's of the car. Hopefully I can help others with any niggles.