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  1. 92 squadron

    6 Disc CD/Sat Nav unit

    6 Disc CD/Sat Nav unit as removed from car c/w spare optic cable. £50 collected.
  2. 92 squadron

    Car boot Tool set

    Tool set in box. Note not all items are original. £5 collected
  3. 92 squadron

    Wheels & tyres

    5 wheels with tyres S/X type £10 each £40 the lot. Collection only.
  4. 92 squadron

    X Type Tow Bar

    Whitter Tow bar suitable for X Type, removable swans neck tow ball, complete with 2 keys. Collection only Hertfordshire £75 ONO.
  5. 92 squadron

    X Type Luggage Cover.

    Luggage cover for X Type estate. Cream colour requires clean. £15 Buyer collects Hertfordshire.
  6. 92 squadron


    I have 5No X Type-S Type Alloy Wheels with serviceable tyres. £15 each. Buyer collects Hertfordshire. Prefer all to go together.
  7. 92 squadron

    X Type spares

    I have a few items I would like to sell ---- New Diesel Fuel filter £12 free p&p-- Flexi front brake hose £12 free p&p -- ABS Sensor £6 free p&p--Set of Front brake pads £12 free p&p -- Hub center caps 11 No 4 brand new [black] £10 free p&p -- 6 track CD player complete with sat nav in housing...
  8. 92 squadron

    Diesel Injectors X Type 2.0Ltr

    I intend removing my injectors and cleaning them as I have a bad result on a leak-by test. My question is --- Is here a repair kit available ie spray nozzle and internal parts that would benefit from replacing. I am doing this as an alternative option of replacing the injectors to save me some...
  9. 92 squadron


    What is the general consensuses to the best head lamp bulbs to replace my H4's on my X Type so I can see where I am going. When approached by vehicles with the new LED lights, whilst blinded by them my lights are none existent, pushbike lights are more powerful.
  10. 92 squadron

    Leak off test equipment

    Has anyone local to me [Herts/Beds] got a leak off test set I could borrow/purchase? Please. Thanks Mike.
  11. 92 squadron


    After travelling nearly 500 miles the previous day, with one issue -Excessive smoke on acceleration, [been doing it for a while] I jumped into the car today to set off to the local Weatherspoons [Curry Night] Started up on the button into gear and off we go. After 25 yards the engine died...
  12. 92 squadron

    Cruise control switch.

    I know of the switch on the clutch pedal, but is there another switch on the gearbox itself that will disengage the cruise?
  13. 92 squadron

    ABS problem sorted

    ABS problem sorted. Sent to ACtronics LTD re manufactured unit fitted whalla all warning lights going out [ABS/glowplug/eml] and running at full power. Posted via courier collection box on Sunday night it was delivered to ACtronics LTD on Tuesday, phone call Wednesday morning telling me a fault...
  14. 92 squadron


    Just replaced Turbo on my 'x'. OK manual say's on the 2.2 to remove the rh drive shaft. Bugger that I thought I will try without. I found out the reason why, the cat on the exhaust will not clear the shaft and sub frame. So, ok I will take the cat off at the first joint and lay out of the way...
  15. 92 squadron

    Cold Days

    Now we are experiencing the cold frosty/icy days, Wahay! we get the snowflake glaring away to let you know it is less than 4c . Questions probably been asked before - Is it possible to switch it off?
  16. 92 squadron

    X Type Master Cylinder

    Just wondering if a brake master cylinder from a MK111 Mondeo would be a straight swap for a 2006 2.2D
  17. 92 squadron


    Seen this on a Facebook page then signed it. Thought a good idea to spread it!!
  18. 92 squadron

    Headlight washers

    Not sure that my Headlight washers are working. Any ideas on how to check them out? I believe they work after so many ops on the standard windscreen washer.
  19. 92 squadron

    ABS/Glow Plug/EML Help required

    Boy am I pi***d off.!!!!! After having a diagnostic done at the Main stealers and confirming that after changing my ABS sensor that the fault codes still indicated the ABS front wheel fault. So I was told it would be my WHEEL BEARING ASSEMBLY / VERTICAL LINK with a new wheel bearing having the...
  20. 92 squadron


    What a mouth full! I am after one of these and this one on the Bay-of-thieves ---- Autoreserveparts from Derby has caught my eye as it is a reconditioned part at £100 where-as a new one is £200+. I am always a bit wary of recond parts but as this has the new bearing fitted what else could be...