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    Broken wing mirror housing

    Lost my balance the other day like a complete clown and fell into the driver's wing mirror. It was bent slightly forwards but didn't think any lasting damage had been done as I straightened it up again and all seemed well. Something's clearly broken though, noticed it vibrating while driving...
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    Driver seat wont raise/lower

    Can hear the motor wanting to do something when I press the switch in either direction but nothing actually wants to move. Any obvious fixes? Seat seems to move in ever other way no issue.
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    Rear shock won't inflate

    XJ is in for its MOT just now and it needed a replacement rear offside shock absorber. Got a used one from Auto Reserve Jaguar, it's been fitted no problem but won't inflate so the rear offside of the car is sitting low. Only fault the mechanic can find is 'self-levelling error'. Is a level...
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    Diesel time to get to temperature / various other faults

    Rather than make more threads I figured I'd condense this- 1. I'm aware the diesel takes a good bit longer to get up to temperature than any of the petrol cars but what's the limit and what would signify a thermostat issue? On the way to work today the car (XJ 2.7) was a good 11/12 miles and...
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    x350 annual servicing/what do you think of this 2.7 TDVi

    In the market for an XJ after selling my Boxster today. Firstly, how rare is it for a car to actually get a service every year? Jaguar seem to be one of the few more premium manufacturers that go by this as opposed to every 2 years- at least on cars of the x350 age, not sure what they're like...