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    Underbonnet sound deadening

    Very simple question, how to remove the the fixings that hold it in place?
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    Bonnet adjustment

    So repairs to the car following the hit and run are at the bodywork stage. I have sourced a second hand bonnet, can anyone give me any advice on fitting and adjusting/aligning it to the car? I see there is a large hole in the hinge plate which corresponds to one on the bonnet, is this for an...
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    Fitting an alternator overrun pulley

    Have an INA pulley on order, can anyone tell me the size/type of special tool needed to fit it please? Car is an 09 2L Diesel.
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    Intercooler hose clips 2L diesel

    Usual problem, the original clips have rusted away. I can't find any replacement clips, they seem to only be supplied with new hoses. Does anyone know the size I need? Also, I have found some on fleebay that have a weird sort of spring built into the band, any idea what that's for?
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    Slight diff whine

    I recently fitted a 2nd hand diff, my own being rather clunky and the new one was nice and tight. I re-filled it with Millers 75W90 NT synthetic rather than a straight 90w. I'm getting a slight diff whine when warm around the 40-50mph mark and am wondering if I should have stuck with the heavier...
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    Hit and run

    Some arse pranged my car while parked and then buggered off. My ins Co have written it off, only needs bumper, bonnet and radiator. Anyway I've bought the salvage and am repairing it myself. Does anyone know where I can get the panels in Tektite grey? Can anyone recommend a good source, new or...
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    Ball joint rubber boots

    Does anyone know where to get front suspension ball joint rubber boots? Mine have lasted 4 yrs and are cracking and perished. Joints are Lemforder/Jaguar so not cheap.
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    New estate car

    Are there any plans for an X-type estate replacement, perhaps an XE estate?
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    Injectors knackered?

    09, 2L diesel. Had the glow-plug warning light come in at start-up this morning, restarted twice before it cleared. Have also noticed when at tickover at cold the engine is quite rough and running unevenly, makes the main belt tensioner jump about a bit. When warmed up its OK. I suspect I'm...
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    Jaguar Paint Touch-up Kit

    Ultra-Violet Blue, base coat and clear lacquer. £10 Inc post.
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    Jaguar Paint Touch-up Kit

    Ultra-Violet Blue, base coat and clear lacquer. £10 Inc post.
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    Fuel pump woes

    02, xk8 ragtop. No fuel pressure, pump not running so just fitted a new one and the problem remains. I can get the pump to run by jumping the switched terminals on the relay base so I know the pump is ok (wish I'd done that before changing the unit :(). Swapped the relay with another and no...
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    Rear suspension overhaul

    I am finally getting around to this. I have been putting it off for a while, well about two years if I'm honest, but my hand has been forced by the need to change the fuel pump. My plan with the suspension was to rebush the various bits and change the diff as it is getting a bit clunky and...
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    Oil leak -manual transmission

    My 09, 2L diesel appears to have an oil leak from the area of the selector mechanism on top of the box. Anyone offer any advise or suggestions before I start to dismantle?
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    Gearbox oil leak-5sp manual diesel

    Found a leak which appears to be coming from the selector mechanism area on top of the gearbox. The oil has been running down the side and underneath of the casing, at first glance I thought it was the n/s driveshaft seal but it's also very wet around the selector. Has anyone had this before...
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    Diesel alternator belt, tensioner and idlers

    The Jaguar and Haynes manuals both say the alternator has to be unbolted to remove the tensioner. Looking at the tensioner that is supplied, Gates, it does not include the bracket that is trapped under the alternator. So my question is does the alternator need to be unbolted or can the tensioner...
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    Turns over but not firing

    Went to start the car just now, it turns over but is not firing. There is a whistling/singing noise from the top of the engine, towards the back, possibly around the throttle body which changes pitch when I operate the throttle. No codes logged. Help please....
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    Alternator belt kit

    Looking for recommendations for make and supplier of a full kit, tensioner, belt and idlers please.
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    Alarm sounder

    Sounder has gone quiet, investigating I have found both fuses, 5a and 30a, in the engine bay box have blown. Anyone has similar, I haven't tried replacing them yet but there must be a reason that they have blown?
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    Very heavy brake pedal in wet

    Car has APEC discs and pads all round, have been on for well over a year with no problems until now. What I'm finding is that in wet conditions the brakes are pretty much not working, I have to stand on the pedal to get the car to stop and after a couple of applications the braking returns to...