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  1. Nookat

    Parcel shelf cover.

    Why not suncurtain😎
  2. Nookat

    Bovee sound issues

    Hi Steve, I had same problem with the sound on speakers when I used the cabel to the i pod plug. Then I bought a Bovee 1000 complete with cabel and the problem solved. The actually problem was the cabel in the first place but I am very happy with the Bovee wich makes it wireless through...
  3. Nookat

    Height-adjustable front safety belt anchorages

    Its a mystery. As far as I see, the release handle for the seat back and the seatbelt guiding loop are separate parts. So in that case it seems that it is possible that it has some sort of adjustment. I also found out that it is only in the 2008 and 2009 brochures this adjustment is mention. Not...
  4. Nookat

    More power from unblown V8

    I remember a while ago I saw an XK 4.2 NA 60 anniversery model for sale and the seller told that the engine was tuned to 325hp. He didn’t mention what kind of tuning, if it was original or not.
  5. Nookat

    Height-adjustable front safety belt anchorages

    Thanks for the confirmation. So, it must be a error in the printing of the brochures for the 2008 and 2009 XK though
  6. Nookat

    Height-adjustable front safety belt anchorages

    Thanks for reply Jimbov8👍🏻 I was out and checked but I’m sorry to say that I can’t find the button😬 Could it depend on wich type of seats the car was ordered with? because I can’t see any button other the one wich adjust the headrest.
  7. Nookat

    Height-adjustable front safety belt anchorages

    Hello, Sorry if this is a dumb question. In the brochures for our beloved cars is says it has height adjustable safety belt anchorages but I can’t find this in the owners manual. Anyone knows how to adjust?
  8. Nookat

    New XK owner! I’ve got questions!!!!!

    The 2009 4.2 was probably prepared for the 5.0 models wich came out the same year. Mine has also the Bowers and Wilks speakers
  9. Nookat

    New XK owner! I’ve got questions!!!!!

    Yes is has👍🏻😊
  10. Nookat

    New XK owner! I’ve got questions!!!!!

    The Bovee I bought came with a cabel. Could it be the other cabel who did the sound difference? The radio works normal.
  11. Nookat

    New XK owner! I’ve got questions!!!!!

    On my 2009 (4.2) the interface cabel made the sound came out only on left side speakers. I then bought a Bovee 1000 Bluetooth adapter wich work perfectly😊
  12. Nookat

    Auto Transmission Oil Change

    Is 300 including flushing? Most of the Audis use S tronic auto wich is simulare to DSG ( non converter gearbox) The flushing is importen as the ZF converter does not have a drain plug.
  13. Nookat

    Auto Transmission Oil Change

    Hi, I thought Mercedes use G tronic boxes and not ZF but I could be wrong. Audi use DSG. The BMW use the same box in several models as in your XK ( ZF) , so a indy BMW workshop is a good option for changing ( and flushing) your gearbox
  14. Nookat

    The Duckbill, solved, the third way of doing it...

    Hi, I read that you want to be prepared do the duckbill before it starts to leak. Are you sure it hasn’t been solved in the past? I was thinking the same as you until I was in contact to the dealer wich sold my XK new. And they told me it has been solved 5 years ago. I even recived a copy of the...
  15. Nookat

    Is there a link between the Jaguar Xkr and Cosworth

    Seems that he is locked inside the trunk and have a bad internet connection
  16. Nookat

    My current nightmare :-(

    Seems like a bad connection on the negative or positive side. Isn’t it a ground point in one of the front wheel arch side wich can play up?
  17. Nookat

    What is this

    The change of the seal went smooth. And there is no leak anymore. Thanks all👌🏻😄
  18. Nookat

    XK or XKR, 4.2 or 5.0 that is the question

    Thanks for the corrections ;)