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  1. J.J.X.T

    Following my mirror (amost!) image.

    I know XF's aren't exactly a rare sight on the road but the chances of seeing one that is almost exactly the same in terms of colour, age, spec etc must be fairly unusual. This happened to us yesterday coming back from Evesham along the A44 (main Evesham to Worcester road) I pulled into a...
  2. J.J.X.T

    Brake bleeding

    Not a job I'm very keen on but as I have now owned my XF for five years I knew it was well over due and should really have been done before now! Brought a Gunsons Easibleed kit and it does make the job easier as you don't need an assistant! The kit works well but I would only recommend using a...
  3. J.J.X.T

    Katie Price's Range Rover ! I wouldn't need to be drunk to be sick in that car ! Just being anywhere near it would probably be enough:)
  4. J.J.X.T

    XF Spark plug change

    I know there aren't many owners with 3,0 V6 petrol XF's on here but wondered if anyone knew of where I could find a guide or video on changing the plugs - couldn't find anything in the stickies! It not so much the plugs that are the problem but on the petrol engine you have to remove the inlet...
  5. J.J.X.T

    DVD Sat Nav disc update

    The sat nav in my pre-facelft XF was never great and now 10 years on it is becoming archaic! When the XF 250 was new buying an updated sat nav disc from a dealer was expensive. As the years have gone by and technology has moved on you seem to be able to get what appears to be a genuine more up...
  6. J.J.X.T

    XF Engine undertray

    Stupidly I went over a high curb in the XF the other night and damaged the plastic engine undertray 😡 Have had a good look under the car and don't think I have done any other damage fortunately, but part of the undertray got ripped off and its now toast! The local dealer wants over 200 quid for...
  7. J.J.X.T

    Un-impressive customer service by main dealer

    Currently considering changing my XF for the current model. I had seen a mk2 XF in corus grey at a main dealer that I wanted to look at. Contacted the dealer and asked if we could view the car Saturday morning as we would be in the local area that day. The initial response was no as they were...
  8. J.J.X.T

    Stop/Start function

    Currently thinking of changing my XF (250) for something newer. I had looked at XE's but wasn't convinced enough to buy so now plannning to look at the XF. I test drove several XE's but only one seemed to have stop/start function. Do all XF's have stop/start or is at an option? Can the system...
  9. J.J.X.T

    Parts mark up

    The high level 3rd brake light on my wife's Audi TT had stopped working recently so needed a new unit as you can't replace the LED bulbs. Wanted an OE replacement as had doubts that a cheap copy part would work or fit properly. Our local Audi dealer wanted £57.99 for a new unit - nothing cheap...
  10. J.J.X.T


    I was registered with Topix some time back but forgot my password and although I have requested a password reset still can't gain access! - have JLR tightened up their criteria for access ?
  11. J.J.X.T

    Airlines! I know the Airlines are having a difficult time at the moment but the way they seem to be treating customers wanting refunds is totally unacceptable IMHO. They are legally required to give customers a refund if the airline cancels the flight but they...
  12. J.J.X.T

    A reasonable response?

    We have a green waste collection service provided by our local council, they charge extra for this fortnightly service. It has just started up again after the winter and it was due today but no collection! I looked on their website tonight and found this message: "Due to the current...
  13. J.J.X.T

    Bonnet open message

    Had a strange issue this afternoon whilst giving the XF a much needed wash. Opened the bonnet to clean the front panel but when I closed it I kept getting the "Bonnet open" message on the display and couldn't lock the car due to the message! Tried opening and closing the bonnet several times but...
  14. J.J.X.T

    Why has booking flights become so complicated?!

    Recently booked some flights to Spain for a holiday later this year. I expected it to be a pretty straightforward task but the process seems to have become really complicated lately. I suppose I made it more difficult by booking our outward and return flights with different airlines - we...
  15. J.J.X.T

    Jaguar sat-nav SD card

    Sorry if this sounds a stupid question but in the current range of Jaguar's such as the XE, XF, F pace etc does the SD card need to be in its slot for the sat-nav to operate properly? The reason I ask is that yesterday I went to look at an XE at a car supermarket - a fairly average example IMO...
  16. J.J.X.T

    Considering a Diesel XE - maybe!

    To my surprise I find myself possibly considering buying a used XE diesel probably a 180 bhp auto as the manuals don't seem well thought of? Until now I've never been a fan of diesels but times and circumstances change. Have to say it is the lower running costs and VED (on pre April 17 cars)...
  17. J.J.X.T

    Best products for removing scratches

    Some 'helpful' individual has managed to put a lovey scratch down the nearside of my wife's Audi TT!!! The scratch starts on the front wing all across the door and onto the rear wing to the wheel arch. My guess would be someone pushed a supermarket trolley or a child's buggy down the side of the...
  18. J.J.X.T


    A British film directed by Danny Boyle and written by Richard Curtis. IMO it is film very much in the style we have to come to know from Curtis. It is quite a light and enjoyable film and Himesh Patel can certainly sing those Beetles songs well - it was great to hear all those songs again they...
  19. J.J.X.T

    Choosing a mobile phone!

    My wife and I have had our mobile phones for about four years. We are old fashioned and actually use them to make calls lol! send texts and some browsing on the interweb but generally fairly low usage. Looks like the built in obsolescence has caught up with the phones as neither seem to hold...
  20. J.J.X.T

    Ingenium petrol engine

    Does anyone know when the Ingenium petrol engine replaced the original Ford unit in the XE and is there much difference between the two engines? This might be one for the resident XE Guru Ian !