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  1. OzJagXFS

    Tuning chip?

    Do these work or are they a con? For example this one: Diesel Tuning Performace Power Tuner Chip BOX Jaguar | eBay
  2. OzJagXFS

    Exhaust modifications and tuning for an XFS?

    I'm considering four modifications to my 2010 XFS to improve performance and possibly fuel economy as well, and I'm wondering which single modification or combo would give me the best bang for my buck. The four things I am thinking of are: 1. Remove the DPF (and remap the ECU to avoid error...
  3. OzJagXFS

    XF brake fluid flush & replace - how much fluid needed?

    My XFS is now just over 3 years old and according to the service manual the brake fluid should be replaced every three years. The service manual shows the last service was done 5 months ago at 48,037 km, but that's all it shows, it doesn't even show whether it was a type A or B service. So I...
  4. OzJagXFS

    XFS oil filter replacement

    New member, 2nd post. I've searched and searched but I can't find any detailed advice about replacing the oil filter on a 2010 XFS. My warranty has just expired and I like to do my own basic servicing, so I plan to do the next oil change in about 5,000k time. I've taken the oil filter off but I...
  5. OzJagXFS

    New Oz member

    New member, name Kim (I'm a bloke not a sheila), from Adelaide in South Australia, been lurking for a few weeks though. I bought a 2010 XFS three weeks ago with 53,000k on it. Drives beautifully. By sheer coincidence the 3 year manufacturer's warranty expires today. Base Luxury model in Vapour...