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  1. OzJagXFS

    Left DRL LED Not working

    The XF does not have any fuses for the exterior lights including all LEDs such as the DRLs, instead it uses FETs (Field Effect Transistors) which as far as I know cannot be replaced, so if any of those LEDs fail it's usually a new light cluster or nuffin'.
  2. OzJagXFS

    Powerflow Exhausts

    Be careful of what you get and where. I have a top class exhaust shop which has worked on my cars for many years now and I took my old XFR to them for a custom exhaust as the stock exhaust was just a bit too tame for my liking. We went with an axle back system using a pair of off the shelf but...
  3. OzJagXFS


    I have read several reports on another Jag forum that the 5s are nowhere near as good as the 3s. Splash out a little more and get the MPS4S instead, you won't regret it!
  4. OzJagXFS


    I had a "moment" with my old 2010 XFR also but only when I first got it with tyres that were quite worn (Michelin Pilot Super Sport). Once I dumped those tyres and fitted new tyres - Bridgestone Potenza S04 - the rear end behaved itself a lot better but I could still invoke the DSC if I tried...
  5. OzJagXFS

    Tool kit to keep in the boot

    IMHO the most common roadside mishap or breakdown cause is a simple puncture caused by a nail or screw. So for that reason the best and most essential part of any tool kit is a puncture repair kit. Here is the one I bought a few years ago after doing some research, a Stop N Go Tyre Plugger kit...
  6. OzJagXFS

    Convertible Trunk Emergency Release

    The F-Type emergency key is under the door handle, I forget which one on a RHD vs LHD car, just pull a handle out and look on the underside and you can't miss it if you are looking at the correct side. Then insert the emergency key (remove it from your key fob) and twist to unlock the door, the...
  7. OzJagXFS

    F-Type R V8 or V6 S

    I don't know much about the price of the R vs the S in Blighty but here in Oz a used R costs a helluva lot more than an equivalent used S (try $50,000 more!) and it may be the same in Blighty. I have always wanted an R but there has never (and I mean NEVER) been a used one advertised for sale in...
  8. OzJagXFS

    R-Type-Ceramic Brakes

    Yep, they get good reviews, but unfortunately they don't make any brake pads for the F-Type (I just checked).
  9. OzJagXFS

    Creaking Brakes

    So far so good, test drive "around the block" a couple of times with cold brakes and 6 or 8 stops and not a peep out of the brakes, the quietest and smoothest they have ever been. So maybe the brake grease idea is the ticket, thanks 8bit for the suggestion!
  10. OzJagXFS

    Creaking Brakes

    All three of my Jags with OEM pads and rotors initially had a horrible very loud brake "graunch" just as I came to a stop under gentle braking. Every single time and incredibly annoying, I suspect this is the same "creaking" referred to here. I changed the pads on the XFS to PowerStop ceramics...
  11. OzJagXFS


    Gotcha! You are talking about the CCM (Carbon Ceramic Matrix) brakes which are relatively rare especially on a 2015 V6. In which case I can't help you as I have no idea how those plates are held on let alone how to get them off.
  12. OzJagXFS


    Simply lever them off with a screwdriver placed under the spring part. Beware that once you start to lever they will suddenly let go and fly across your garage/driveway! I assume that having logos on them you have the 380 mm front brakes coz I don't think the 355 mm front brakes (stock on the...
  13. OzJagXFS

    'Brake Pads Low' Warning - Which end?!?

    Nup, they are meant to come on at 2-3 mm thickness remaining as the specified minimum pad thickness is 2 mm. That said I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them, they have been known to not come on until the pad has worn down to the backing plate although more commonly they come on with...
  14. OzJagXFS

    Bigger Brakes - Is it Worth It?

    Tazzy (OP) - if you really want more powerful brakes then the XFR set-up (380 mm twin piston front and 376 mm rear) will bolt straight up. Not a lot of parts needed either - new rotors, new (or used) calipers and caliper holders/brackets, new pads and new rear splash/dust shields. Not cheap...
  15. OzJagXFS

    Bigger Brakes - Is it Worth It?

    AFAIK all X250 XFS came with the 355 mm front brakes while the cooking models came with 326 mm.
  16. OzJagXFS

    XFR which fuel?

    Minimum specified for an XFR is 95 RON so it won't run well on "any" petrol such as 91 RON. I used nothing but 98 RON in my XFR and the same in the F-Type, not really necessary over and above 95 but here in Adelaide 98 costs only about 6c per litre more than 95 (which costs 16c per litre more...
  17. OzJagXFS

    Interior colour

    My old XFR had Ivory seats and trim and looking at the pics I am 99% sure they are Ivory.
  18. OzJagXFS

    Rear brake discs and pads

    On most modern Jag discs there are two small retaining washers, one on each of two of the five wheel studs. They are there purely to hold the disc in place before you mount the wheel and they are not essential. They can be a bit pesky to remove or replace as they are thin and fragile and you...
  19. OzJagXFS

    New Bulbs Fitted

    I took out either or both of the headlight assemblies on my 2010 XFS and 2010 XFR so many times I lost count, must have been pushing 20 times each side. The "knack" I learned to make it easier and to avoid stressing those fragile tabs is to pull the edge of the bumper away from the inner corner...
  20. OzJagXFS

    Might buy an F-Type - a few questions

    Yes full service history is the most important thing rather than mileage or number of owners. Also better if the oil has been changed at least twice as often as the service schedule says, the scheduled 12 months or 16k miles whichever comes first is just too long for these engines. Yes the...