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  1. Paul in NE

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

    Ferrari Roma = Jaguar F Type pastiche Need I say more than Enzo Ferrari when he called the Jaguar E Type the most beautiful car in the world? The Roma apes not only the basic shape but so many of the F Type styling cues that I'm surprised Jaguar havent considered legal action. Also surprised...
  2. Paul in NE

    My X-Type 2.2D Sovereign

    My combined transport and hobby...
  3. Paul in NE

    Rear suspension top arms (camber) & poly bushes

    Hi all, After having my 4 wheel alignment checked I am planning for the future lol Does anyone know if there are previous threads identifying the (hopefully with part numbers etc) Volvo camber adjustable top arms that fit the rear of the X-Type? Also, do they take the same bushes and can anyone...
  4. Paul in NE

    Do Jaguars have a 'soul' ?

    You may scoff (my wife certainly does) or think I'm an idiot (again, my wife...) but I truly believe that cars, especially as they get older, can develop a 'soul' and become almost 'semi sentient'. They seem to appreciate and respond to every little thing that you do for them even down to...
  5. Paul in NE

    I drive a Jaaaag

    Although 'Jaaaaag' owners have had the reputation of being 'cads' who steal towels and robes from hotels and sneak away from dates leaving ladies to pay for the meal, one thing that has blown me away since buying my X-Type a few years back is what a nice, friendly and helpful bunch X-Type owners...
  6. Paul in NE

    Electronic EGR valves - improvement or revenue generator??

    Hi all. This is both a question and a venting of anger... EGR valves must, surely, be the bane of any diesel Jaguar owners existence? Every couple of years they expire in a ton of gunky soot but at least the older vacuum operated type can often be resuscitated with some brake cleaner and TLC...
  7. Paul in NE

    OBD code readers

    Hi all, I'm sure this will already have been done to death somewhere but a search on the X-Type section of the forum hasn't thrown up a shopping list... So, It's been suggested that I finally get myself an icarsoft i930 code reader. Will this read ALL the codes I will ever need or only some...
  8. Paul in NE

    Servicing and Fault tracing - The benefits of specialist knowledge?

    Maybe I'm odd but I love my X-Type. It just suits me better than anything else I've owned 🙂 But obviously these are getting older and age-related issues are bound to crop up. 2.2D with 162k miles up, full main dealer and Jaguar indie specialist service history with book all stamped - but...
  9. Paul in NE

    Jaguar Club members?

    Hi all, Just wondering how many of you out there are members of the various clubs and therefore how likely it is that people who use the forum would get to meet in person at a local meeting or while at an organised event somewhere? I ask because 4 of the worthy forum contributors who I follow...
  10. Paul in NE

    Brake Pads - Most 'bite' with least 'fade'

    Hi all, In response to the occasional 'clenching moment' after the re-map on my 2.2, I have been looking at EBC 'Yellowstuff' brake pads, hoping for more bite when cold and less fade when hot. They are, however, quite expensive (EBCdirect showing approx £155 for the full set on the X-Type) but...
  11. Paul in NE

    18" Proteus wheels

    Hi. Does anyone have for sale or know where I might source one or more of these wheels? My X-Type has them and I would love to have a spare. They seem to be hard to find!
  12. Paul in NE

    X-Type Owners!

    Hi, I'm new to the forum but no longer exactly new to Jaguar ownership having been in a love affair with my 2008 (pre-facelift) X-Type Sovereign 2.2D for a few years now. After a couple of years ownership, I joined the Jaguar Drivers Club initially, since they have their local group meetings...