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    Hi everyone, new here but have a dilemma... (Solved)

    i Had a 2011 240 premium luxury previously. Excellent car, the only reason I changed was the dealer made me a deal on a xfs I couldn’t refuse.
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    Is this progress?

    Thought about an audi A6, colleague at work had one. pretty much the same as a merc competent but soulless. hadnt thought of a Volvo. Keeps me of the streets while pondering
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    Is this progress?

    Interesting comments, I’m in pretty much the same boat. Love my xf-s but as it’s getting on for 6 years old just contemplating changing. brother has a merc gle which while competent doesn’t fill me with same joy I get every time I drive the jag. Thought about a Lexus ES , wife has a CT and...
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    Limited to 155, what if no limiter?

    Thanks for the replies everybody. Interesting thoughts. I’ve seen 120 ;) but the acceleration was starting to wane , so the thought it may reach 155 is perhaps a dream. I had seen the xf 225 video so the gearing is there but perhaps not the bhp required.
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    Limited to 155, what if no limiter?

    As it says in the header, I have a 3.0d s which is limited to 155mph. If the limit was removed what would it get to? no intention of doing it just curious.
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    Jaguar XF or Xe vs Infinity or other premium luxury brands?

    Also given Infiniti stopped selling in the uk, Nissan say they will still service but may be a problem in the future
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    Auxiliary sockets - E-Pace but probably other models

    on my xf i have a dash cam powered from the lighter socket. it is powered on door opening but if the engine is not running will shut down after an interval. I don't have a boot socket :cool:
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    2010 XF Headlight Washers not working !!

    Had this problem last year, I was told the headlamp washer pump had failed. Sorted under extended warranty. depends on the spec whether there are hid fitted which require washers, my first XF 2011 pre facelift pl didn’t have them so no washers.
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    New Member looking to buy XF

    I had a 2011 (pre facelift) 3.0d and now a 2015 3.0d . I think the DPF fault occurred more on the 2011 than on the present car. Perhaps the software sensors are different. When I first got my present vehicle in 2016 I was doing a 350 mile round trip every week with work. SInce march last year...
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    Approved Used Jaguar Scheme

    The last time I negotiated was on behalf of my son. His car was written off and needed another for work. We sat down and decided what he wanted then homed in on a suitable style/power package/age range. a Toyota Yaris hybrid would fit the bill. Reduction on commuting fuel bill the main advantage...
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    Sat nav pointer

    Unless you have the latest maps then inevitably some locations will not be known or roads not shown and you apparently are in a field :cool: But even if you pay for the latest just remember the data was possibly collated a year ago.
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    Disabled the Stop/Start

    would it not report stop start not available and if it's a warning is that an mot item?
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    Sat nav dvd location

    the second battery is for stop start and I think if you cant find the dvd in a location in the left side boot trim behind a little flap then you have the version that uses a hdd to store it so will be udpadted by usb. i think there is a way of checking the date from the touch screen but not...
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    Water leak from inner wing.

    OK, an update. Just got car back from indie. he took arch liner off and dicovered 2 bolts holding washer bottle missing and there was a water leak from around the washer where the level sensor was fitted. He sealed that and replaced bolts so we wait and see if any leaks are still present. As...
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    2013 XF Sportbrake Window Aerial - dog ate it!!

    Can't you use a wire coat hanger like we used to in the old days :cool:
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    Jaguar XF 2.2D 2012 Battery Charger

    my first XF had a faulty battery, I discovered it when I tried to start it on the 3rd day of ownership and got the gearbox error warning on the dashboard , I think it said 'not in park' but that was 10 years ago so may be wrong. Jaguar Assist came out and diagnosed a faulty battery and the...
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    Water leak from inner wing.

    Hi Antf Yes my thought exactly, I normally add fluid especially in winter but obviously can't prove it. But given it had been in for a service a few days before where a line item was for Fluid-Screen so would have expected the fluid to be safe down to -5c. Assuming any was added :cool...
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    Water leak from inner wing.

    OK thanks for the replies It's Jardines at wolverhampton. you can currently only go there by appointment for service, no waiting area as the showroom is closed and there are only the meeters and greeters at the drop off point. The only numbers on the web site whilst being local do get...
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    Water leak from inner wing.

    thanks for your comments, there was another icicle this morning. I have a number of photographs. The basic problem is getting hold of someone at the dealer to talk to, you get put through to a customer adviser who varies from corporate drone in a call centre to a lackey at the site who just...
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    Water leak from inner wing.

    Hi got a bit of a problem with my 2015 Xs. basically put in to main jag dealer for service 30th jan, no problem when collecting and driving again in the evening. The invoice specified a quantity of washer fluid added. on The Monday I noticed there appeared to be water dribbling down the...