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    Dash lights work in reverse!

    I have an issue where the dash illumination is on all the time. Cannot turn it off. Key out lights off they just stay on. But the second I turn the sidelights or headlights on, the dash illumination goes off.... Any ideas?
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    Normal alternator output?

    Have a 99 xj8 that's putting 17v out at the battery terminals when the blocks running. Does that mean the whole alternator needs changing or will I get away with changing just the regulator on the back? Have to say I'm not keen on changing the actual alternator a second time as it is a pig of a...
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    Mystery Connector

    Any idea what this plugs into? Its situated just behind the battery box on my 2001 X-Type Sport.
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    Mongoose SDD Question

    In the JLR SDD software I see how to search via symptoms and how to then Get recommended fixes. but how do I view a complete list of all open codes like an OBD scanner? If I have a car and I want to see if anythings wrong before I buy it or I have an engine light with no symptoms. How can I...
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    Random set of faults

    Have no dipped beam headlights on a friends 97 XJ8. Fuses are fine and bulbs are fine. Any ideas? All other lights are perfect inc full beam. If one had gone id have a clue at least but both have just stopped lol. When the lights are turned on the relay clicks. The car seems to have a misfire...
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    Sensor 1 went out both banks?

    Both the exhaust sensors in the manifold started showing 0v at the same time. I'm very very reluctant to believe that this is the sensors as both have gone out simultaneously. I was thinking that I have a wiring fault. Anyone able to prod me in the right direction? Any common trouble areas?
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    Choosing My first xj8

    Having owned the x-type and the s-type ive set my heart on the proper xj8. but I'm a but confused by the model lineup. im after an x308 in 4.0l with the highest standard spec I can get. My previous jags have been SE spec and I want this one to feel like a proper upgrade over them. But the...
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    What wiring loom is commonly damaged? ABS issue.

    My 2.5 Manual Sport 2001 has got the commonly described faults with ABS and wheel speed sensors on the right hand side of the car front and back. The cars just had new brakes and sensors all round a month ago. Im also seeing some other electrical anomalies re wheel sensors. These started all at...
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    Steering wheel upgrade/ retrofit

    I've bought a beautiful XJ8 2001 model (x308 ) sovereign. It's only letdown is a very mangy ripped up steering wheel! I was thinking how much nicer the wheel was on my 07 s-type. I see all the 02-07 jags use the same nice looking wheel. Would a retrofit be possible? Has anyone done it? I can...
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    98xj or 01 x-type? Have to decide

    Ok so I recently sold my 99 S-Type 3.0 and started looking for an XJ. But I just got a BARGIN deal on a 2001 X-Type Sport. 2.5v6. Great car but it's not an XJ is it lol. Now I've been offered a straight swap of my x-type for an SE XJ8 (3.2) from 1998. The guy says it's too big for his garage...
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    Need a drain plug asap can't find one!

    My 99s-type has had a gearbox swap and the new 40k miles box,s drain plug is no good. The inner part is seized solid beyond hope. The old box's plug is the same. Can't refill the newer box without the drain plug Middle being removable as I can't set a level. Need one ASAP as cars off the road...
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    Model question from person looking to buy his first XJ

    Ok so the now very modified and much cherished S-Type SE I own has finally lost it's hold on me as my love affair with the black X308 Sport on the corner has grown beyond all control... So I'm going to take the plunge and upgrade. however I just can't seem to establish what model comes with...
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    You Cars O2 Sensors Explained!

    Here's the theory. So you will never have to ask this again There are are effectively 2 sensors in an engine to monitor fuel to air ratio. One in the air intake after the airbox but before the throttle body called the MAF or Mass Airflow Sensor and then in the exhaust immediately after it...
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    SW England Facebook group .

    One thing I've missed is the local section on here where I used to talk to other owners in my area. Was handy for swapping parts etc. So I started a facebook group for the SW of England. I've gotten our existing members to sign up here aswell. I think I've gone jag mad lately! Can't get enough...
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    Soon to be a s-type owner no more :'(

    As many will know my gearbox fault messages are becoming a weekly affair. At the cost of £450 We have established this is probably a tiny clutch slip resulting in the error. But without stripping the gearbox entirely we will never know. Unfortunately it's a £2000 job and there's no way I'm...
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    Reduced performance diesel no codes?!

    My mate has the 2.7d from 2007. Runs very nicely very quietly etc. Makes me Jelous lol. He randomly gets however a limp home fault. Comes without rhyme or reason, could be anytime but it does tend to come up when you need to put your foot down a touch. Not kickdown necessarily but just when...
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    Gearbox Fault again ..

    Well I thought the fluid change had cured it but it's back. I have confirmed it is NOT the engine or battery it's definitely the actuall gearbox. I've damn near replaced every wearing part in the block haha. I do have to change the coils but they all test fine. basically the car runs fine 98%...
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    S-Type 3.0v6 Cooling System Diagrams

    Some diagrams of the cooling System. This is the Factory Diagram which is hard to follow. This diagram is layed out to resemble the Actual layout inside the engine bay. Both Images are from from an article on changing the DCCV. Which can be found here...
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    Losing my enthusiasm for this car now lol gearbox now...

    Well this car has not been a cheap one lol. I replaced all my intake gaskets, new coils, plugs and a full in depth service. After replacing all my cars bearing hubs, track rods, drop links, ball joints, roll bars, the whole rear axle assembly, and rebuilding the brakes. I have established that I...
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    This passed an MOT????

    Just bought my brother a £100 renault Megane that seemed excellent except grinding brakes. We figured its £100 so we have plenty of scope to get him a cheep car in the £450 budget especially as the cars so tidy in every other way! I I took it for MOT on a flatbed before doing any work so I'd...