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  1. rickgordon

    Using Waze as sat nav.

    I am soon taking delivery of a 2015 2.2 XF Sportbrake. I currently use Waze as my go to sat nav on my phone as it provides 'live' traffic updates and I am wondering if it is possible to use the app through the original head unit when pairing the phone with the car? Has anyone done this or know...
  2. rickgordon

    Considering an 'upgrade'

    Hello all, I currently own an X type estate and am considering 'upgrading' to an XF Sportbrake. It is early days in my search but have seen a 2014 2.2D Luxury model with a reasonable mileage for sensible money, advertised privately. I am just seeking some general advice and tips from current...
  3. rickgordon

    'Security Failed'

    I lost my only key recently and had to have a key cut by a mobile (and very expensive) auto key specialist. He produced the new key no problem but I noticed that on occasions when I go to start the car I get the message 'Security failed' and I have to try again and all works fine. It seems to...
  4. rickgordon

    Speaker not working

    My rear nearside speaker is not working - the other 3 are fine. I have had the door card off and checked the wiring/connection and all looks ok. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to the problem? Of course, the speaker itself could well be knackered, and they appear cheap enough to...
  5. rickgordon

    Replace/upgrade windscreen washer jets

    I have always felt the washer jets are rather weak on my X and on occasions get blocked. I read somewhere that it is possible to change the jets with Ford ones that spray a single 'mist' type pattern rather than the individual 2 jets that are standard on the Jag. Has anyone swapped their jets...
  6. rickgordon

    Need a replacement key

    Right, bit of a disaster - I appear to have lost my only key to my Jag - I won't bore you with the details. I need to find a replacement key and get someone to get into the car, which is of course, locked. Can anyone help with how I go about this?
  7. rickgordon

    glow plug flashing/limp mode - low fuel issue?

    Starting a new thread as I originally posted this on another thread. I had a strange one yesterday & today. Yesterday I got in car, started up fine but as soon as I put it into gear (2.2 auto) it went into limp mode and 'gear box fault' displayed. Recycled ignition, which usually clears it...
  8. rickgordon

    Strange windscreen washer problem

    Hello all I have a strange problem with the windscreen washers. When I press the button the operate the front windscreen washers, I only get a dribble at the jets but the rear window washer operates almost as normal. So the front is not operating as it should and instead the water is being...
  9. rickgordon

    Brake pad recommendations

    I am delighted to say the Jag passed the MOT today. Just one 'advisory' was the front brake pads are getting low and will need replacing soon. What brand are members using or do they recommend? I was thinking of Mintex - anyone have any thoughts or experience of these?
  10. rickgordon

    Resetting service mode

    Hi all I am trying to cancel the 'Service Required' message in the message centre as I have carried out the required oil service. I have tried the following: Switch ignition OFF. Within 3 seconds press and hold button C Switch ignition ON. Release button C. Press and hold button B, then press...
  11. rickgordon

    What got you into Jaguar and what was the first Jag you drove?

    My first experience of driving a Jag was when I was in my late teens. I was dating a girl (my first 'proper' girlfriend!) whose father owned a 1970 Jaguar XJ6. I had been away for the weekend with them and he kindly let me drive the car while we were away and on the way back to London on the M3...
  12. rickgordon

    Powerfold mirrors on locking instructions with pictures - anyone?

    The pictures in this thread are no longer visible. Has anyone got the instructions with pics available?
  13. rickgordon

    Replacement wheel nuts

    I am looking to replace the original Jaguar 'spinning' wheel nuts with some 'solid' alloy nuts and wondered if someone can assist with the correct type/specification? I know this subject has been covered before but, having searched the forum, I cannot find a conclusive answer. Looking on ebay...
  14. rickgordon

    New MOT rules

    I have just seen this elsewhere on the web: There are new MoT changes that come into force on May 20th, which introduce new testable items. From this date, any diesel car that has had its DPF removed or tampered with will instantly fail the test, while aftermarket high definition headlamp...
  15. rickgordon

    Side reflector

    Does anyone know if it is possible to get a clear reflector for the front side wind for a 2009 facelift model?
  16. rickgordon

    How to auto fold wing mirrors on double lock (with photos)

    I would like to do this mod using Prisoners excellent 'how to' instructions However, they have also fallen foul of the new Photobucket rules and the images are no longer available. Has anyone by any chance saved the instructions with the photos?
  17. rickgordon

    Recommended filters for service?

    I had the oil changed and now want to change the other filters, cabin, air and fuel. I know it has been talked about before on here about only using quality filters and I am wondering if anyone can recommend a set from one of the Jaguar suppliers or ebay? I have been looking at this Bosch set -...
  18. rickgordon

    Radio interference when charging phone

    When it requires charging, I plug my phone into the cigar lighter using a 2-way USB adaptor and USB cable. But when I do this and have the radio on I find I get a load of interference and hiss that makes it impossible to listen to the radio while charging the phone, which is a PITA especially on...
  19. rickgordon

    Quick question on key programming

    I have a spare key from my previous x type. Can I simply programme it for my new x type using the ignition position 1/position 2 on/off 4 times method, so I have a spare key for the new Jag? Thanks.
  20. rickgordon

    My new 2009 2.2D SE x type estate

    I have just upgraded to a 2009 2.2D SE estate, automatic. My old '05 model was getting on a bit and with the prospect of some fairly long distance driving coming up and with 170,000 miles on the old girl, I thought it was time to trade up to a newer model. And very pleased I am too! Had a...