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  1. rickgordon

    Using Waze as sat nav.

    I am soon taking delivery of a 2015 2.2 XF Sportbrake. I currently use Waze as my go to sat nav on my phone as it provides 'live' traffic updates and I am wondering if it is possible to use the app through the original head unit when pairing the phone with the car? Has anyone done this or know...
  2. rickgordon

    Gearbox fault message P1719 lack

    I had a similar problem of limp mode and a gear box fault warning on the display. I had the codes read and it was suggested the turbo actuator was faulty. I replaced the actuator with a new £50 one from Ebay and the car has been fine since. The gearbox fault warning can be a bit of a red...
  3. rickgordon

    Value for ebay?

    You can obtain an approximate value on Auto Trader. Put in your Reg and mileage and it will give a figure.
  4. rickgordon

    Considering an 'upgrade'

    Ah ha, ok, my bad... I will repost as suggested. Edit: It seems someone has already kindly moved it for me. Thanks!
  5. rickgordon

    Considering an 'upgrade'

    Hello all, I currently own an X type estate and am considering 'upgrading' to an XF Sportbrake. It is early days in my search but have seen a 2014 2.2D Luxury model with a reasonable mileage for sensible money, advertised privately. I am just seeking some general advice and tips from current...
  6. rickgordon

    why so negative?

    Best car I have ever owned. That is all.
  7. rickgordon

    Gearbox issue - sticks in second

    Don't know if this is related or helps but a friend of mine has just had a similar problem on his Range Rover, auto box, which wouldn't shift out of 2nd gear. This only seemed to happen once the car was hot. It was suggested by a mechanic friend of his that it could be related to the oil cooler...
  8. rickgordon

    X Type 2.2 Auto x400 Diesel Gearbox Fault

    Yes on my current '09 2.2D auto. Like you I was initially able to clear it by switching off and on again but it gradually got worse. It could be EGR related but it is worth getting the codes read first to see what they throw up, but the turbo actuator is a common culprit and a relatively cheap...
  9. rickgordon

    X Type 2.2 Auto x400 Diesel Gearbox Fault

    It may not be a gearbox issue. I had a similar situation where the car would go into limp mode (flashing coil light) and a message would come up saying 'gearbox fault'. The situation got steadily worse until the car would go into limp mode immediately I put it in gear. I feared the worse! I...
  10. rickgordon

    2.2 x type diesel

    Welcome to the forum. You don't say what year yours is. I have a 2009 2.2D automatic and it has been an excellent car from day one. It is quick, the ride is smooth, the gearbox is like silk, she purrs along at 70mph (ish!) at under 2000 rpm and is honestly one of the best cars I have owned and...
  11. rickgordon

    Limp Mode...maybe!

    That's good news. The limp mode issue is one that can cost a few quid to fix through to being very expensive. Thankfully yours was at the lower end of the scale.
  12. rickgordon

    Rear Door Speakers

    I had both rear speakers stop working and bought 2nd hand replacements off ebay for about £10 each, fitted them and all was fine.
  13. rickgordon

    Limp Mode...maybe!

    What x-files said. Take it back or get the codes read. It is not an uncommon issue but can be caused by several different things - some expensive, some not. Without the codes it is all guesswork.
  14. rickgordon

    'Security Failed'

    The light just continually flashes, there are no obvious digits or a long pause, even if I leave the ignition on for at least a minute. The only message I get is 'security failed'.
  15. rickgordon

    Road noise damping

    Yes, it is front wheel drive.
  16. rickgordon

    Road noise damping

    On this subject, I too have noticed a 'droning' noise from the rear recently and am thinking wheel bearings. Has anyone changed the rear wheel bearings, is it a doable DIY job at home?
  17. rickgordon

    Speakers Not Working

    Top Tip: If you are taking the door panels off, ensure you have a supply of new plastic door clips. Most if not all the existing ones will break when taking off the door panel and you will new ones to hold the panel back on. Cheap to buy on Ebay.
  18. rickgordon

    'Security Failed'

    Thanks Jimbo, the red light does flash as you describe. How do I work out the code?
  19. rickgordon

    Six speed auto ATF

    Mine has the same gearbox and they are meant to be sealed for life. However, I read conflicting reports on whether you should have the fluid replaced. I took mine to an auto gearbox specialist and he said the fluid should be changed despite them being described as sealed for life - but then he...
  20. rickgordon

    'Security Failed'

    I lost my only key recently and had to have a key cut by a mobile (and very expensive) auto key specialist. He produced the new key no problem but I noticed that on occasions when I go to start the car I get the message 'Security failed' and I have to try again and all works fine. It seems to...