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  1. Cata1yst

    X Type 3.0L AWD, Engine Cut Out + Stability Control Warning

    Good Morning all, I've experienced a worrying problem with the 3.0 X type I now own. It's done 80k Miles and is in good condition. I was driving on the motorway this morning around 60mph and the engine completely cut out with "engine fault" message and no pedal response at all. When I did...
  2. Cata1yst

    19 " Wheel Options for S Type R

    Okay here's the drill in Switzerland all wheels must be type approved, and my car came with 19" alloys that are not in Switzerland. What options do I have to replace them with genuine jag alloys apart from staggered Barcelona's which are like rocking horse poo? Could I use XF or XJR wheels? I...
  3. Cata1yst

    2002 S Type R Fan Running Constantly after driving 1hr in 0c

    Hi all Quick question the old lady is getting an age now where things start to go wrong. (Which is expensive as someone else found out!) Anyway the radiator fan is running after turning the ignition off. Normally this happens in summer but it's 0c in Switzerland right now and the coolant...
  4. Cata1yst

    S Type R destroyed yet another set of front brake discs - EBC Ultimax Anyone?

    Okay so I'm becoming pretty familiar with this story, take the STR to Germany on zee autobahn and give it a bit of abuse = warped disc + judder. The last set were 2 yrs old and official jaguar parts which lasted much longer than the OEM's I have had on previously. My question is has anyone...
  5. Cata1yst

    Check these wheels out. S Type 24"

    Jaguar S-Type on 24" Dub Bellagio Floaters - YouTube Awesome... maybe not
  6. Cata1yst

    French Toll Autoroutes - Careful for blue flashy lights

    Okay guys hands up this one, Cornwall to Zug, Switzerland in one day ends up in some spirited driving. I've driven this route a million times before and seen the odd plod lurking. never the amount I have on this drive back. Those nice French autoroutes with clean tarmac and no traffic are so...
  7. Cata1yst

    Swallows Jaguar - Recommended.

    Swallows Jaguar | Jaguar specialist Acacia Farm, Bristol Road, Rooksbridge, Bristol. BS26 2TA Rarely I plug businesses but this one deserves a mention. Absolute pleasure dealing with these guys, personally met them and also ordered parts of them for delivery to Switzerland. Cannot do enough...
  8. Cata1yst

    Warning - Locking Wheel Nut Key Broken " Check your nuts!"

    A reminder to those who have the original locking wheel replace or change them. I thought I'd be okay with this and I was wrong! You do not want to be at the side of the road with a puncture unable to remove a wheel! ***So finally the sun arrives in Switzerland and I feel the need...
  9. Cata1yst

    325mm or 305mm? 1999 XKR Brake Discs

    Okay so we purchased a 1999 XKR and the VIN ends 036725, i've been trying to sort this car out and put it back into the state it should be. I want to replace all discs on the car and new pads all round as this car has been sat for 5 years doing virtually nothing and it's a bit scored on the...
  10. Cata1yst

    Arghh bumper body panel bolts!!!

    Okay today is sunny in Switzerland so I decide to try and fit this Adamesh grill. Should be pretty simple take the front bumper off and fit the thing?? Erm no!! 6 hours later, 1 rusted bolt in engine bay cut off and drilled out. (Had to remove the bonnet to get at it...) Then after taking the...
  11. Cata1yst

    In praise of Adamesh

    It's not often I feel the need to post this sort of stuff, but credit where it is due! A grill ordered and plate holder for 1999 XKR at 3.21pm yesterday item arrived in Switzerland today at my home by lunchtime. This has to be some sort of record?
  12. Cata1yst

    Water Ingress - Where should I start looking (seals/blocked drainage channels)

    You might see me around on this sub forum a bit as I've picked up a 99' XKR for the GF, to compliment the STR I already had ;) Why have one supercharged when you can have x2 right? I noticed when I picked it up it had the usual damp foot well problems. So something needed to be done. So...
  13. Cata1yst

    Temporary Insurance for Export

    Okay so the misses is eyeing up a XKR, and we've seen a few in the UK. We'd like to buy this in the UK bring it to CH and import the car on to Swiss plates which usually takes 4-6 weeks. This means I need temporary insurance to cover a period of say 1 week to 1 month for that purpose. Simple...
  14. Cata1yst

    Audio Connectivity Module C2C40513

    Anyone got an idea of where I can source one of these? :( Justjags sold out for the last x3 months
  15. Cata1yst

    P0171+P0174 Fault Code (What am I looking for?)

    Good Morning All from a sunny Switzerland. As these thing always happen at the worst of times, I'm looking for some advice. :oops: To cut things short my STR has developed a P0171/174 fault code. This is proving difficult to pin down with my local mechanic. Looking at the freeze frame data...
  16. Cata1yst

    S Type R, Replacement Alloys + Winter Tyres?!

    Hi all, hello from a warm and sunny Switzerland. For now anyway. It's coming to that time of year over here where I need to think about winter tyres. A bit of info. My car came with replacement alloys which are 19 x 8.5 and 19 x 9.5 which means I have 19x245x35 + 19x275x30 Conti 5p's on it...
  17. Cata1yst

    Misbehaving STR

    I'm having a few issues with an 02 STR. Not normally one to complain about these things but the cost of Swiss labour is beginning to get to me and this is using a Swiss Indy who comes highly recommended. In the last month I have had the following done. (This does not include x2 services, new...
  18. Cata1yst

    Air Con not blowing cold

    Okay here goes. Hello from Roma btw at the moment it's 30c :) To cut a long story short my air con is no longer blowing cold. I decided to throw the car over a swiss alpine pass from 24c down to -1 at 2100m then back to 25c. (Don't know if this could be related or not?) Anyway since coming...
  19. Cata1yst

    Denso Sat Nav System does not like heat!

    I have a 2002 S Type R with a Denso Sat Nav system. Last week while returning to NL from the UK the Sat Nav system threw a wobbly and basically locked up. I then take the disc out and reinsert only to find "this is not a map dvd." Eventually when the disc cools down it re-reads. I think I have...
  20. Cata1yst

    Toyo PROXES T1-R (Comments Please)

    Anyone own these or have any comments? ... sowigan=So Not worried about the life but how do they grip? :)