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    XJ6 series 3 Alternator replacement

    The alternator might be still working but if it is giving a low voltage this will affect all the electrical system on a sensitive series 3. Mainly the Bosch / Lucas fuel injection system; it won't work properly if the voltage drops below 12V. There is lack of info about the alternator's specs...
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    LIGHTS ARE OFF - Daylight sensor quick FIX

    "LIGHTS ARE OFF" message started to appear a while ago while driving during day time. So I decide to fix it as it it 99% related to the "Daylight sensor" located in the middle top side of the dash. This is a Photocell that captures the daylight intensity and transfer it to an electronic circuit...
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    Modern radio in a 1997 Daimler 6

    I have seen few owners replaced the stock temperamental radios in X300, and many people say the car has to stay original (which is important to me only if possible). The previous owner has fitted an after market radio/CD that looks horrible and sounds terrible, and of course the original radio...
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    XJ8 X350 air suspension conversion Strutmasters

    Hello everyone, I won't be telling any news about the failure of the air suspension. My XJ8 2004 ( I am the second owner) has been serviced regularly, and the front air shocks have been changed twice over the past 5 years. bumpy roads will kill them no matter what you do. And if they tell you...