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    1992 XJ6 Central Locking

    hi Ubetido It is obvious the previous owner has modified the connections and bypassed the factory locking system when installing the aftermarket unit. I advise to go for an after market module from a reputable manufacturer e.g. Hawk Alarms (20 GBP for a universal locking module). Using a...
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    XJ6 series 3 Alternator replacement

    The alternator might be still working but if it is giving a low voltage this will affect all the electrical system on a sensitive series 3. Mainly the Bosch / Lucas fuel injection system; it won't work properly if the voltage drops below 12V. There is lack of info about the alternator's specs...
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    Series 3 - no power to starting relais

    hi Mart Please explain more what is happening in order to understand better the situation. - When you turn the key to position II do you see the warning lights turned ON (oil, batt. seat belt, etc.)? At this position the "Load relay" in the left fuse compartment (if your car LHD, then this relay...
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    Very Pleasing MPG Figures

    personally I trust the trip computer based on my recent testing. I believe prior to any MPG test, the car must have correct factory parameters: tyres/pressures + many mechanical factors like spark plugs; injectors; air filter , clean catalysts etc. My recent test (full tank to full tank) 95...
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    LIGHTS ARE OFF - Daylight sensor quick FIX

    "LIGHTS ARE OFF" message started to appear a while ago while driving during day time. So I decide to fix it as it it 99% related to the "Daylight sensor" located in the middle top side of the dash. This is a Photocell that captures the daylight intensity and transfer it to an electronic circuit...
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    XJ8 X350 air suspension conversion Strutmasters

    I am following the tyre pressure as indicated on the fuel cap.
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    XJ8 X350 air suspension conversion Strutmasters

    Hello gentlemen This is an update after driving 640Km (400 miles); the car has leveled nicely and the ride is very nice now. I have rechecked the tyres' pressure and still 32 psi so I believe this is a good pressure for a smooth ride. (as specified by Jaguar on the fuel cap). N.B. soon I will...
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    Modern radio in a 1997 Daimler 6

    I have seen few owners replaced the stock temperamental radios in X300, and many people say the car has to stay original (which is important to me only if possible). The previous owner has fitted an after market radio/CD that looks horrible and sounds terrible, and of course the original radio...
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    XJ8 X350 air suspension conversion Strutmasters

    Here are the simple steps to start with the conversion: 1- Remove your battery (+) and connect it to the Ground ( the car's metal body). Be careful!!! you must have the Radio/NAV code because you will need it after reconnecting the battery 100%. Your personal settings will be lost: seat memory...
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    XJ8 X350 air suspension conversion Strutmasters

    Hi Phil, I bought the conversion kit online Kit JA14FM , it comes with the electronic module (wasn't needed for my car, only needed for models 2007-2009) The kit online price 999USD + shipping Installation can be done DIY with the help of a friend, but lifting the car is...
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    XJ8 X350 air suspension conversion Strutmasters

    Tried to post a detailed reply with pictures but it didn't work. In brief the ride is very similar to a stock V8 S-Type Sport, enough comfort, stable and very confident on highway. Now I am very confident I can drive the car on long trips same like my 1997 X300 Daimler Six. Here I'm trying to...
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    XJ8 X350 air suspension conversion Strutmasters

    Hello everyone, I won't be telling any news about the failure of the air suspension. My XJ8 2004 ( I am the second owner) has been serviced regularly, and the front air shocks have been changed twice over the past 5 years. bumpy roads will kill them no matter what you do. And if they tell you...