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  1. XMan2002

    New Forum Interface

    Thanks for the UI upgrade, its quite nice. Is there also a new Smartphone App as well -- Android and/or Apple?
  2. XMan2002

    Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Informative website on the virus
  3. XMan2002

    Don't Buy LED Headlight Bulbs Before Watching This! | New for 2019

  4. XMan2002

    FordEtis Vehicle Summary

    I so glad that I captured the FordEtis Vehicle Summary for my X400 back in 2016. Ford has since gotten rid of the site. A week or so ago someone asked what the Axle Ratio was for the X400. I'm guessing it depends on the model you own? As you'll see my X400 came without ABS (Less Anti-Lock...
  5. XMan2002

    Jaguar Forum UK App are now OBSOLETE is both smart platforms

    Its been a while now, first the iOS (Apple) version lost support under iOS 11 and now the Android (Google) version hasn't been working for the past several months. I've uninstalled both versions until such time an announcement is made regarding the plans for future support of these smart device...
  6. XMan2002

    Jaguar Forum App Update?

    Is the Smartphone App update still on the table or has it been shelved?
  7. XMan2002

    600HP Jaguar XE SV Project 8

    Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) has revealed the most powerful, agile and extreme performance Jaguar road car ever – the 200mph, 600PS XE SV Project 8 sedan.
  8. XMan2002

    Jaguar Forum App

    Question to the site administrators -- is there a timetable for updating the Jaguar Forum App for support under iOS 11?
  9. XMan2002

    Informational - Jaguar FYI Links

    Thought these website links would be good to Bookmark
  10. XMan2002

    One of the rarest animals on the planet, the black Jaguar

    Tribute to Black Jaguar owners (All Models) - BEAUTIFUL!
  11. XMan2002

    One Touch Power Window Anomoly

    I've had this problem intermittently but now I'd like to know why its occurring and resolve it. My rear-door windows do not "one-touch" function from the drivers control panel, however they work just fine from the rear-doors. I've reset the GME/GMC Module multiple times and no change. What could...
  12. XMan2002

    Gear/Engine Fault Light Remedy -- Has Any One Tried This?

    I came across this on the web as I have noticed I get these faults when driving in heavy rain and/or damp conditions.
  13. XMan2002

    New Mina Gallery Performance Exhaust Systems

    FYI, Mina has re-engineered their Sport Exhaust System for the 2.5 and 3.0 V6 X-Type. I held off purchasing the original one last year as they told me the new one would be available in 2016.
  14. XMan2002

    New/Upgraded Site Appears to have several issues

    The new or upgraded JaguarForum appears to be experiencing some problems like multiple Sign On Requirements, Missing LIKE Feature and partial Rendering of the page depending on what browser you are using - I use both Chrome and IE. Also, the smartphone version also has Rendering issues -- I have...
  15. XMan2002

    2015 Jaguar XF Coupe

    If this is really in the works then I can't wait to see one in motion.
  16. XMan2002

    Battery Indicator ON after a few of weeks not turning over on first try

    Brethren, after the past couple weeks of the "X" not starting on initial turn of the key, tonight my battery indicator remained ON as I was heading out to the store as dark was settling in. The battery turns exactly 1-year old tomorrow (installed on 8/27/13). The owner's handbook says its an...
  17. XMan2002

    Big UPS to johnxtype/11/2007

    I just wanted to sing the praises of John for getting me the 2008-2009 Face-Lift Boot Plinth. We consummated the deal today via PayPal and I should be receiving it in a week or so. Thanks to John, I'll have a very classic and unique "X" here in US; as you all know the last few models years were...
  18. XMan2002

    Aluminum Fuel Sports Foot Pedal For all years Jaguar AT

    I came across these on eBay and for the price ($27.50 US or $213.32 HK) I'm willing to give them go. The Ultimate Pedal Set I've been considering is $180 US. Aluminum Fuel Sports Foot Pedal for All Years Jaguar At | eBay
  19. XMan2002

    FYI: Intro to high-resolution audio Music downloads that get back to great sound

    I know there are other "Audiophiles" amongst my Jaguar brethren; so here's an introduction to High-Resolution Audio. Intro to high-resolution audioMusic downloads that get back to great sound