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  1. Zero123

    Lesser News

    In a word, no! I'll even eat out of date food - unless it's meat that smells off but then I wouldn't leave it that long. Bread, no problem - if it's dry then I'll toast it... might cut the mould off first though! :sick: My Council has decided to introduce 'slop' buckets to collect waste food -...
  2. Zero123

    Demist problem

    Hardly any air goes to the windscreen normally but there is a way I found how to do it - the problem is that I have to go through the same procedure every time I switch on the engine. First of all select the Climate screen, then press the DEF button which immediately fires everything up - select...
  3. Zero123

    So What Did You Do to your Jaguar today ?

    What a view!
  4. Zero123

    Car dealers sleep walking to disaster

    Just logged on to that wizzle site to see what they would offer for my 2009 X-Type Sovereign 2.2D 70,000 miles all in excellent condition with part dealer and independant servicing. Best offer £1,353..... :(
  5. Zero123

    Is anyone else getting annoyed by advert pop-ups

    It's when you get ads for Viagra you can start to worry..........:)
  6. Zero123

    CTEK extension cable

    Or do what someone over the road to me does with his plug-in EV: he runs the cable through his living room window!
  7. Zero123

    Advertising have taken over.

    Shussssh... don't tell everyone or they'll all do it!
  8. Zero123

    Water in central junction box 2010 xf

    Sounds about right. Warranty companies will do their best to avoid paying out so I can only guess that somewhere in the small print lets them off the hook and "consequential" loss is indeed how they do it. Maybe need a lawyer to study the wording on the warranty.
  9. Zero123

    where do you go to for servicing

    That's the problem - garages have got your car so you have to pay upfront only to find two miles down the road they haven't done something they should have...... Another annoyance with a main dealer is that they check over your car and try and find additional work. They even phoned me up...
  10. Zero123

    The countdown to Brexit thread

    You're not allowed to say "fishermen" anymore according to the BBC - they're now to be "fisherpeople". Pollocks to the BBC!
  11. Zero123

    Jokes ! ( post all jokes in here please )

    If a woman sleeps with 10 men she's a slut, but if a man does it… He's gay, definitely gay.
  12. Zero123

    CTEK extension cable

    That does indeed look like the right stuff!
  13. Zero123

    The countdown to Brexit thread

    Twitter? You might bump into Trump....
  14. Zero123

    CTEK extension cable

    The output side cable is black twin core without any markings but I've just examined the red/black from the plug and it says 18 AWG.
  15. Zero123

    CTEK extension cable

    The mains cable on the CTEK is marked 2 core 0.75mm and I have a 25 metre roll this size so I can easily use some of that to extend the mains but is that wire suitable to extend the 12 to 14 volt side?
  16. Zero123

    CTEK extension cable

    Yeah, that's what I thought. As I said I'm no electrician so I guess expecting it to reach 10 meters is somewhat too optimistic!
  17. Zero123

    CTEK extension cable

    Yes, at the moment I've been running a mains cable extension both inside the garage and outside with comfort plugs on each battery using a Halfords charger alternating with each car. I've just bought a new CTEK MXS 5.0 so can choose when or which car to charge (although the comfort plugs are a...
  18. Zero123

    SovereignX TLC & Project Thread

    Ah yes, Sod's Law. When I drop my toast it always lands buttered side down - so now I eat the toast dry so that it doesn't matter which way it lands. Then I eat the butter separately with a spoon......:)
  19. Zero123

    X-Type Estate roof aerial

    I had a similar problem in my VW Jetta which has its aerial built into the back window alongside the heating elements - I couldn't get MW reception. I'd only just bought the car, it was second-hand, but took it back and they had to replace the radio adpator/amplifier which was indeed just under...
  20. Zero123

    CTEK extension cable

    Just a quick question regarding the CTEK maintenance charger as I'm not sure if what I have in mind is feasable. I want to install the CTEK charger in my garage but need a long cable to run outside, not a permanent fixture but just to use from time to time on a vehicle not being used much - the...