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  1. Ian D

    Deleting a post

    As an update to this, the edit function on messages has been extended to everyone for 7 days.
  2. Ian D

    Car dealers sleep walking to disaster

    Not all dealers are bad, I bought my current car at the end of the last lockdown. Was almost as a click and collect, contacted the dealer and they sent some personalised videos of what I wanted to see of the car. Sent all the service history to me, e-signed all the paperwork, serviced it and...
  3. Ian D

    Is anyone else getting annoyed by advert pop-ups

    What web browser are you using to view the site?
  4. Ian D

    Is anyone else getting annoyed by advert pop-ups

    I'm not sure on information like that, would be a question to Rory the site owner.
  5. Ian D


    Only a couple games with a hamstring injury? Can't be too serious then? In the last two matches, we've now had 5 first team players out with covid. Livermore and Gibbs the latest two that were unavailable in the last game. Massive game coming up for us, being Sheffield United.
  6. Ian D

    The new Jaguar XF

    There you go, under interior>driver display.
  7. Ian D


    I know who he is, was pretty much forced to watch it as a child.
  8. Ian D

    Can I be bothered?

    Been a change, but can do so much more than before as the old version was growing tired. It’s shortened the main front page too, anything new takes time to get used to but I think overall its been positive, already been new content added as well. New XF x250 stickies section. New E-Pace...
  9. Ian D

    The new Jaguar XF

    There is a head up display, it’s an optional extra.
  10. Ian D

    Jaguar remote climate app update

    New version to all who have remote climate on their iPhone. Ready for the new PHEV models that have been just been released.
  11. Ian D

    Rhubarb - My New Super V8

    At least you own that though, a number plate is never really totally yours to keep as DVLA have the right to withdraw it at any time.
  12. Ian D

    Rhubarb - My New Super V8

    Quite a bit of money just to display 6 characters on some reflective plastic.
  13. Ian D

    Jaguar xfs 275bhp reg 2009 brake pads

    Thread moved to X250 XF section.
  14. Ian D

    Bad news...

    Good luck in your recovery, quite something to get over after being under for that long.
  15. Ian D


    For as long as Sky, BT Sport and others pay billions for the TV rights to air premier league football, big money will always be in the game. It just puts the majority of newly promoted clubs to a major disadvantage unless they have a wonder season, have a large financial backing or are already...
  16. Ian D


    I have actually just found that option! Now would I do that?
  17. Ian D


    Rich is like the forum spam bot until he gets his 5k posts trophy 🤣
  18. Ian D

    Hello from Nevada USA

    Hello and welcome to the forum! Good choice of car, loved my XE too and was a joy to drive.
  19. Ian D

    JLR attempting to stop all VW SUV USA sales due to illegal software.

    JLR claims that VW is using the terrain response software illegally and is attempting to stop all USA sales of VW SUV’s. This could have serious implications on VW sales in USA.
  20. Ian D