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Thread: Summer Time for AC

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    Summer Time for AC

    Well it's air conditioning time again ...I've had my 86 series III converted to 134 ....I'm not sure it's better than 12 . Mine cooles fine but not at idle...after replacing a hose but it still has or had a leak ...hears the rub. 134 is cheap and I can top it off easy but 12 is costly , but cools better ...I fired the AC up this year after knowing it lasted for about 30 days last year and it's cooling fine . Hmmmm maybe a little stop leak helped .
    have u other guys used stop leak or converted to 134 or???
    And as u can see I own several jags and Other marque l cars but my 6 and 94 XJS are GREAT cars !
    Also whats up with X J 6 being till 1992 my book it ended in 86 with the series III and the following car...ugly ...then 95-98 6 cyl one of the best , most dependable jags ever made ....

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    Hi Chris. Stop leak is ok for a some leaks but if you have a condenser leak or a compressor leak it will return eventually. Used it last year but had to change the compressor eventually. The best way to find out is to put a dye in the system and use a UV lamp to check for leaks.

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