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Thread: Long drive, top-up my oil?

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    Long drive, top-up my oil?

    In a couple of weeks I'm going to take the Jaaaag for a short trip down to Spain, I've done 7/8k since my last service and here is my oil level.
    Do I need to top it up before I go, and if so which oil do I buy, I cannot find one anywhere that meets the code in my handbook (WSS M2C934-B) I see 5W30 Ford approved ones but with a different code.

    XJ 2009 (number 77 off the line ) 3 Liter Diesel with DPF.

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    LO8ous - don't worry about why you're getting this message via an intermediary, but I have be asked to pass this on to you which I'm very happy to do ......

    "Could you please tell him his level is spot on, and not to put any more in it , if the level is to full it can lead to unburned fuel issues oil mixing with diesel etc. and the oil for his car is shell ultra AF-L its a low ash oil for DPF cars that the dealers now use. many thanks. "
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    L80ous - I would concur with what David writes

    On the 2.7Tdvi as I'm sure you were aware, there were/ are DPF issues that mean any unburnt fuel during a failed DPR regeneration process got dumped into the oil, this means that the level actually rises over time.
    I can't say that I'm 100% that the same issue remains on the 3.0 Tdvi but I wouldn't like to bet against it.

    Fir info I literally just had my oil / filter changed yesterday and made sure that they only filled to the the halfway point, perhaps just a tad over. This means that as the fuel is dumped into the sump through failed regens the level rises and the oil quality diminishes. Better that than diesel car runaway scenario where it can become self fuelling and blow the engine

    Just for the record I've been changing my oil this way now on this car for 3 years

    Hope it helps buddy
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