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Thread: XJ12 non starter

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    XJ12 non starter

    After its winter hibernation my 1978 XJ12 went to the garage to have its headlights replaced, it drove fine to the garage, then back to my house and then to where i keep the car, 15-20 miles in total, on arriving at my storage the car started running very lumpy, down on power and spitting and banging, we managed to get it into the unit and turned it off, after a while we fired it back up and it was still running rough.

    My mechanic looked at it and suggested we replaced the HT leads, we done this and the dizzy cap and rotar arm at the same time, come to start it up and it just won't fire, mechanic came back and discovered the fuel pump wasn't giving out a decent flow so we replaced that and still no go, a new set of plugs and fuel filter also hasn't cured the problem and i think hes running out of ideas.

    It is seemingly trying to fire now, its not just turning over anymore but it won't catch, i don't like the stuff but a few squirts of easy start up the air trumpets allows the car to run almost immediately but it quickly dies once thats burnt off.

    It has a decent spark at the plugs and plenty of fuel getting to the fuel rail but it just won't catch and run. Does anyone have any suggestions for anything else it could be?

    Thanks everyone

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    Water in the fuel ?
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    Yeah, I second the "water" diagnosis.

    I used to keep a 2L plastic bottle in the boot for this.

    Open the bonnet, disconnect the fuel pipe up at the engine and point it into the bottle.

    Switch the ignition on.

    It'll be immediately apparent if there's water in the fuel.

    If there is you'll need to drain it out. Fortunately there are drain cocks at the bottom of each tank accessible by hand when you lie underneath the car.

    I think actually its a drain plug so you might need a socket to undo it.

    I don't think you can get at it with a spanner.



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