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Thread: F1 2017

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    F1 2017

    Over the last few years F1 had become very tedious and I was considring giving it a swerve this year but thought I'd just see if was any better. Glad I did as Ferrari finally seem to have got their act togther and have given Vettel a car he can win in. The result is competion for Mercedes at last. The two teams seem closely matched and I enjoyed the Monace grand prix this weekend and look forward to the rest of the season.
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    Not a great formula 1 fan myself JJ I much prefer the Motorbikes , but Monaco is a beautiful spectacle to watch .
    I think Formula 1 now that Ecclestone has departed will only prosper as a Sport , for a long time it has been looking
    past its sell by date and a very elitist Sport . I hope the admission prices are lowered so that it becomes within the
    reach of the working man with a couple of kids , I live near to Silverstone and you simply never hear of any Local
    Schooltrips to the Circuit on Race Day or interaction with the Local Community , perhaps others know different ?

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