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Thread: Scuffed wheel

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    Scuffed wheel

    Hi all, I'm fuming having just scuffed my front (5 spoke, star) alloy wheel. I hate to see scuffed wheels and always give my self loads of kerb clearance when parking to avoid damaging them but one small lapse of concentration this evening and I've taken a small chunk of material out of the outer rim😡. There's no paint on that portion of the wheel so is there any way to have it repaired? It's taken too much material out to sand it and polish it back to flat (DIY anyway).
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    I am in the same thinking as you, I hate scuffed wheels especially on my cars. For a good repair job then call in the professionals. Chips Away do a good service as they send the wheel off to be fully restored. Or you may have another local outlet who does similar. There are mobile operators that come to your home or workplace and carry out a repair, but bear in mind this will not be as good as having wheel cleaned, dipped and then repaired and brought back 'as new'.

    For a period I had a set of AlloyGators fitted to my XE, black ones to match the tyres, £120 to fit all 4. These are good protection for the wheel if you do kerb. The gator takes the impact after which you can trim off any burring that takes place with a littler tool which is provided. Unfortunately one of the Gators kept working loose and even after returning for refits and later replacing with a new one the problem was still there. As it was impractical for me to keep going to the fitter every 2 weeks, I had the set removed. I believe there was a slight intolerance in the wheel manufacture that affected this one Gator. The other 3 were fine.

    Over the 4 months I had them fitted I reckon they saved me £180 in kerbing repairs, needless to say not intentional as on both occasions I was forced to take evasive action whilst near a kerb edge.
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