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Thread: Jaguar E-Pace... Anyone got one / driven one or ordered one yet?

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    Hi both,
    Ian, I went for the S with a few added options. Sunroof -I can't live without it, a bit disappointed by the fact that it's fixed but it's huge-, park pack, driving assistance pack, 360º camera, performance pack (I though that bigger brakes are a good idea considering the weight of the car), heated seats and wheel... I think that's all. Caldera red and light leather interior.

    Scottie, yes, consumption was one of my main issued. All other cars I have seen are a lot better in terms of consumption (which was one of my main aim, getting a car with better figure). But the dealer let me drive the 300P they had in the showroom for half a day (very kind of them), the consumption indicated on the car was 25mpg and while I was driving in ECO mode it was 30-31mpg. Car was used to drive around by customers, it had 5000 miles already, and I guess the temptation to push the pedal to the bottom and hear the jaguar has been shared by everyone Considering that, if I remember correctly, the declared figure was 35mpg, it was not that much far off. So with the figure of the 150D I should be in the worst case where I am with my actual car -not an improvement, but at least not even worse

    I just hope that the tiny country road of Surrey hills will have mercy of my new car...
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