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Thread: New Member. 1997 XJ6L owner for 8 months. Today, it would not start! Turns over well.

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    New Member. 1997 XJ6L owner for 8 months. Today, it would not start! Turns over well.

    Hi forum members. I just joined and hope to be an active member.
    I have owned my first Jaguar for about 8 months now and it's run great until this past week.
    First thing to go wrong is: it overheated. I seem to have solved that issue but I lost my power steering and see water in the PS reserviour. First car I've ever seen to have water cooled power steering and I see no leaks. No puddle under car either. I added some water to the coolant tank and it seems to still run well (no overheating anymore) but also, no power steering either. That is an issue I could use help trouble shooting and getting fixed. Not sure where to start?
    Now, a few weeks later, after taking a 100 mile drive on a freeway, I came home and parked the car. Next morning it would not start. It turns over fast but will not fire up. I have fuel in the tank, a new batterey and have not had any enging or starting issues prior to today.
    So I checked a couple of things. Since it rained heavily yesterday, I let the car dry off with the hood and trunk open in the sun. Seems dry.
    I pulled all six plugs. The front two plugs had enough oil on the plugs to be fouling out. (plugs are new). Then I looked for obvious issues and found none. Then I disconnected the fuel line at the injector rail, cranked the motor and saw no fuel come out of the line. OK, That will prevent starting.
    Before today, the car ran very well. Smooth motor and plenty of power. I'd like to add that the cars previous ower took very good care of it and always had it maintained. It is in great shape and not molested in any way.
    I am new to Jaguars and really have no idea how to proceed and I also do not own a repair or service manual. any help on how to proceed and get it running again would be great. I'm a quick learner. Is there any free manuals available online or in this forum for my car? Also, I'd like to find and identify the relays and fuses that seem to be many on this car. I do get a small jump on the tach when I turn the motor over.
    Basiclly, I'd like advice as to the basic checks to make and how to really check if I need a new fuel pump. Not even sure where the fuel pump or filter is located.
    Thanks for any help I get.

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    hello Jim,
    I hope you have solved the problem?
    It can be anything: crank sensor, a bad coil (there are 6 of them), ECU not giving order to coils to spark, or not giving order to fuel injectors.
    Has to be hooked to a diagnostic PC.

    Please keep us posted so we can benefit from your experience.
    Good luck!

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