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Thread: The most ugly Jag yet?

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    I dont think my XE looks bland at all, stands out in the works car park amongst the sea of fords, Vauxhalls and a few BMWs. I like the new styling direction with Jaguars, the front end works especially well, that Merc c class is very plastic inside as a work colleague owns one and Id rather keep my XE over that. The driving position is perfect too.

    Each to their own though.
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    It's all down to 1.618, the golden ratio which is found all over the place in nature. Marek Reichman, the Aston Martin designer did a programme about it. Take wheel size, if the wheel is approx a third of the total height of the car, they look good to the brain. An F-pace is 66" tall and if fitted with 19" wheels would fail that test. To me, it's the rear end that spoils it.

    The Macan is the nearest thing you'll get to a SUV handling like a sports car. I've driven one and it was superb but, I haven't driven an F-pace so I can't compare the two. Aston will be launching the DBX in 2020 and it looks awful but will sell in big numbers.
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    I wonder if jaguar will follow Mercedes in manufacturing a Pickup?, and you can turn it into an American style campervan and you won't need to pull a caravan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trooper View Post
    I wonder if jaguar will follow Mercedes in manufacturing a Pickup?, and you can turn it into an American style campervan and you won't need to pull a caravan.
    Mercedes has a long, long, history of manufacturing commercial vehicles so the pickup actually fits their customer base. Jaguar does not have that and probably will not try to compete. Even Mercedes did not build their own though. It is a Nissan underneath and the first round of engines are also from Nissan. The V6 which will follow is a real Mercedes engine.
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    I agree.

    Each time I see one, I like the F-Pace more and more.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ashanti View Post
    I'll nail my colours to the wall,

    I find the F Pace a very pleasing car to look at and I've no doubt the same will be so for the E Pace and I Pace.

    The F is quite intimidating as it approaches in your rear view mirror, more so as it moves out to overtake.

    I might add at this point, I sometimes have the Super in Sport and a lower gear, just to show the upstart what the harmless looking, classic wafter it was about to overtake can do.

    My next car will be an X351 and I aspire to an electric car as my last, thankfully Jaguar will be catering to my needs and wants with the I Pace.

    No idea what the J Pace is.

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    I like the look of the E-pace, better than the F. The problem for me now is that I think I need more than five seats with family. There are now more options in the Land Rover stable for more seats, and I bet there is a great deal of similarity between the Discovery and Discovery sport and the Jags (they use the same engines and gearboxes). Please Jag can we have a seven seater. Is it that they don't want their own marques competing with one another? I would prefer the Jaguar badge.
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