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Thread: Series 3 hazard switch replacement issues

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    Series 3 hazard switch replacement issues

    Hi, my hazard switch was broken so I swapped out a new one. It worked becore, broken cover and all, but now it doesn't. I have no power to the brown/orange wire that shoukd be hot all the time. Jag-lovers says this line is fused from the battery but I can't find the fuse. Any ideas? Cheers.
    Directional indicators do not work, and the dip switch just stopped too. Seems l ike these are connected to the same issue.

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    There are 2 fuses that feed the hazard switch, #2 & #10 both 15Amps. #2 is always live but #10 is live when ignition key in position II.
    If both fuses are blown, it means you have a short circuit on the bulb side / harness or the flasher relay.
    I would start by removing the flasher relay, then replacing the fuses while the relay is out.
    Download the diagram below and print page 19 FIG 7.1 this will help a lot.

    You will be only guessing without the electrical diagram.
    Good luck...

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    you need to disconnect the battery when working with electricals.

    many times the new switches don't match the old wiring.

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