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Thread: Donít click if you havenít seen the F1 result yet!

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    Donít click if you havenít seen the F1 result yet!

    Lewis Hamilton has now beaten a 44 year old record set by Sir Jackie Stewart.

    4 times World Champion, who knows how many more he’ll get.

    Only finished 9th but did enough to secure the championship.

    Mexico race result.


    vettel finishing only 4th after a coming together with Hamilton at the start.
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    Well done Lewis, and remember he could have already had at least two more World Championships.
    In his rookie year his team let him down which cost him the championship.
    I’m sure there will be a few more to come.
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    I managed to wait all day without knowing the result; I didn't switch on a TV or radio and after what happened a while back I resisted the temptation to log on to the forum. I watched at 11.00pm as if it was live - fantastic result! Just a pity about all the adverts................

    Anyway, could Ferrari be about to leave F1 or is it just a spat about the engines?
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    ferrari havnt been happy since they started loosing

    every car should be equal then we would see just how good each driver is when they all have exactly the same unit under them.
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