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Thread: Lights - of the interior variety

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    Lights - of the interior variety

    When you open the door, it's a nice touch that the whole of the interior is lit up like Blackpool, but is there any way of switching them off other than closing the door or starting the engine?
    With the door open it seems to have a ten minute delay, and the button that I assumed was the on/off switch in the overhead console (the one in the middle of the lights) doesn't seem to do anything.
    Is there a setting in some sub-secondary-remote-access menu that I can't find, and if so, how do you get at it?

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    Thankfully On my XJ the roof lights go out after 2 minutes! and other lights 5 minutes.

    On LandRovers and Rover 75 (or cars with BMW like electrics) holding the light button down, until they flash shuts them off completely.
    Maybe worth ago?
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    Hi Chris,
    Nothing interior lighting related I'm afraid , just something else in your neck of the woods of interest.
    I have fond memories of Unit 15 Medomsley Road , it was called Pureplas when I first arrived there back in the mid 90's
    I made countless journeys up the M1 and the A1 over the years after we acquired the blow moulding business.
    Some of my engineers were more or less live in tenants at the local Hotel , name escapes me now , old age !
    Good times and great memories , sad that the business was wrapped up a couple of years ago.
    2009 X358 XJ LWB 2.7 Tdvi , Liquid Silver , 100k + miles
    Bumper reflectors drilled and fitted with 3W side marker lights.
    Fog light H11 lamps replaced with Cree LED's / running as DRL's.

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