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Thread: Found XJ40 2.9

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    Found XJ40 2.9

    Hello All.

    I have always been a fan of Jaguars - especially the 'marmite' XJS.

    Anyway, recently me & the old man heard about an early 1989 (F reg) 2.9 manual with 30K miles, on the coast near Portsmouth which may be for sale.

    As I have always kept an eye out on the WWW on all matters Jaguar related, a couple of things put me off: I have not heard good things re the 2.9 engine,
    and to me a Jaguar saloon needs to be automatic. Also I read the electrics up to 1989 can be very suspect, and the colour is the very popular (common) and flimsy burgundy, which usually tends to shed its clear coat in patches unless kept out of the weather. This one, despite having stuff stored on top of it, with many superficial scratches and dull patches, does not appear to have peeling clear coat at least.

    The car has been stored in a closed asbestos garage - not heated, but some natural ventilation, for the last 22 years, during which time it has not turned a wheel! It was also not raised off the ground, but the tank was brimmed before parking it, & the battery removed. I don't know what filling the tank would have achieved (other than preventing it from rusting inside) as the petrol has gone stale, but we don't know yet if it has turned to gel, or dried completely with a shellac residue, either way is not good, I expect the tank will have to come out to be cleaned, the petrol pump & filter will have to be changed, & the pipes cleaned out before even attempting to start the engine. This one does have retro fitted leather interior, though some stitching has come loose but the leather is good, and the headlining is dropping.

    All the wheel arches and both sills are in very good condition with no signs of bubbling, as are the bonnet & boot lid, 3 doors are good, and it comes with a rust free replacement door for the one that is rusty. However, the rear panel that has the petrol filler flap, has rusted through along the edge below the screen. The screen has been removed and is intact, the boot floor looks good, but of course the petrol tank may hide some horrors behind & below it...

    The handbrake was thankfully off so we were able to drag it out of the grage, & the metric tyres (the original Dunlops) still had at least 6 psi air in them, but if we do buy it, the metric wheels will have to go anyway, even though the wheels themselves are good. The brakes will also have to be replaced, I don't think it has ABS - the 2.9 is the most basic of base model, but what a strange looking servo!

    The electrics is an unknown quantity, but I expect horrors, although there is some evidence of rodents under the bonnet, we could not see any evidence of chewed wiring.

    Only the nearside rear door opens, the other 3 will not open, I thought when the battery is disconnected on a central locking car, the default is unlock - it is certainly the case with my Ford Granada Cosworth, but apparently not this Jaguar, I also understand the pre 1989 models had issues with the door locks...

    The next step is to return to remove the spark plugs, pour some paraffin down the barrels & see if she turns over on a spanner at least. The engine oil is clean & on the mark at least.

    I do not know if the car is worth anything and expect to pay no more than a couple of hundred pounds for it, but is it worth restoring in the first place given that it is a lowly 2.9, or is it a break for spares? The rear scuttle under the screen will certainly be an expensive job to replace, & are these panels still available?

    Thanks Tony

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    All xj40's are increasing in value at the moment but don't expect a 2.9 manual to ever be worth £000's
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    I suspect that you are right regarding your valuation - with one key exception.

    Being manual transmission will pump up the price very significantly.

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