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Thread: Left rear brake lamp failed s type 2004

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    Left rear brake lamp failed s type 2004

    Hi and apologies i have seen many a thread on this and no joy on how to fix.

    I am trying to upload a video to show the issue.
    Basically 'left rear brake lamp failed' on dash , also when left indicator selected both indoxtors come on.

    Have bought new light cluster, fuses all seem do connections. Can any one help?

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    Thread moved to S-Type section.
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    Don't know about the indicators but brake light failure is common, mine usually does one or the other every 3/6 months ish. Nobody knows why, 'no faults' stored.
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    My left hand brake bulb showed as failed at least once a year, the right one has never shown as failed! After checking using a magnifying glass I could not find any elements in the bulb broken, cleaned all the contacts , still got a bulb failure after a short while. So I used silicon sealer around the boot gutter next to the lens and followed it right around to the bottom of the lens, on both sides. so far no more blown bulbs. Possible cause small amount of water getting into light cluster, lights on heat build up, evaporation of water steam rises deposits over contact causing a short i.e. bulb failure on dash. This might not be the cause but so far it seems to be working and cost is limited to silicon sealer.
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