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Bizarrely, after the rain and snow and a long run, the issue seems to have improved so I'm thinking more along the lines of residue on the discs bit I've bought a run out gauge to check when it isn't so damn cold and wet! I think a lot derives from the fact that the car isn't used daily. I don't understand the comments (not just on here ) about sitting with the footbrake on. Firstly, I don't really di it anyway, at least not more than in my Clio auto which doesn't have the same symptoms. Also, why would this be peculiar to autos when many people sit at the lights with the footbrake depressed. I always go to N and handbrake at the lights (as one should).
It's easy and sensible to use handbrake and N or P at traffic lights as you have warning of when to move off. It's different when waiting to enter a roundabout as there's less warning of when a gap will appear and so it's tempting to wait in gear with footbrake on. A sequence of roundabouts as is found along bypasses (Milton Keynes springs to mind) or a roundabout at the bottom of a hill are the worst scenarios.