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Thread: The Official Jokes Thread.

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    Scruffy student type goes into a café bar, sits at the counter, waggles his mobile phone.

    Scruff: "What’s the WiFi password?"

    Notice - no "please", no "Hello". Scruff talk.

    Barman: "You need to buy a drink first"
    Scruff: "Ok, I’ll have a coke"
    Barman serves the coke.
    Barman: "£2.50 please"
    Scruff pays.
    Scruff: "So... what’s the wifi password?"
    Barman: "You need to buy a drink first - No spaces, all lowercase"

    It's hard to find good jokes.


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    Ah, but much easier to find bad jokes:

    Q. Why don’t they play poker in the jungle?

    A. Too many cheetahs.
    "I know I'm a pessimist because my glass is always half empty...even when it's full".

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