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Thread: The Official Jokes Thread.

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    A Question for you.

    does a blind person have to recover the poop from their guide dog!
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    Remember the cockerel pretending to be dead but waiting for the vultures?


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    I went to the opticians today.

    He asked if I was suffering any sight impairment.

    I sad I couldn't see very far.

    He took me outside, pointed in the sky ans said "what's that?"

    "It's the sun" I said

    He said, "the sun is 92 million miles away, how far do you want to see?"

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    A school inspector was visiting a rural school and rather than ask boring maths questions she asked a young lad to look out of the window .She asked him how many sheep could he see .He replied
    "All of 'em "
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    I've just applied for a job for Citroen.
    I had to send them 2Cvs #

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