Time for an update on what I've had done to my XJ.

Last month after much searching on the Internet and several false hopes I finally managed to source a replacement Rear ABS Sensor Harness. It was for the passenger side and not the driver side but Tim at XJ Services in Corby was able to get it to fit and working so I could have a dashboard without any warning lights.

Last Friday I took it on its longest drive so far, a 300 mile round trip up the A1 to Yorkshire as I was booked to be the driver for my grandson's Prom at Hazlewood Castle, Tadcaster. An impressive location and I was proud to be his chauffeur for the evening and the XJ certainly didn't look out of place. As part of the pre MOT treatment I put a bottle of Cataclean in the fuel tank and keeping to a steady cruise on the A1 I had the trip display showing 28.4mpg on the outward journey and 27.4 mpg on the return journey. Well at 1am the roads are a bit quieter and it only seemed right to let those 245 horses have a bit of a gallop instead of a canter.

Yesterday was MOT day and after coming off a Night shift I dropped her off at the local MOT Testing garage and went home for a sleep, expecting the worst. Nice to wake up and see a text from the garage saying that it had Passed and was ready for collection.

Nearside Rear UJ which forms part of the suspension has slight play.
Nearside Rear exhaust silencer in poor condition.
Steering column top bearing slightly worn.

Happy days... now to source a used Compressor and I can get the leaking one replaced and regassed and have a cold Aircon system again.