Hi all, got back from the weekend around 6pm, unpacked, showered and then hit the "relax" button...….

Absolutely knackered from a weekend away relaxing? Must be doing something wrong lol....

We left Friday morning around 8.30am and headed South, intending to arrive around 12.30pm - 1pm there or thereabouts, no particular rush. We made reasonable time and ended up stopping just after Carlisle for a late breakfast, a Tesco special which wasn't half bad as it turned out, but was only half good as well.

I found a space all by myself quite far out and headed in, breakfast scoffed came back to this...

I consoled myself with the fact that they at least socially distanced themselves and respected the Cat's space.

The journey was quiet and uneventful, Tress half snoozing and the sounds on, some good driving music was the order of the day. We arrived at Crewe Hall around 1pm or so and I replicated the same picture taken around 4 years ago with my XJX 358 on the driveway approach

Unbelievably, I also managed to get the pride of place parking space at the front of the Hall, exactly same as 4 years ago, almost like it was reserved for me lol

My brother and friend ( who happened to be a girl, bit not g/f ?? ) came and had dinner with us at 7pm. Surprising how hungry you get after a day's hard relaxing, swimming / jacuzzi and massage etc lol.
Good food, good company, some pretty decent Czech beer / Glayva and Pink Gin etc all went down nicely, laughs were had but no real shenanigans and all car doors were intact this time round.

We went into Newcastle on Saturday, I paid my respects to my Dad while we were there, did some shopping etc and then had to get back to our time in the pool / jacuzzi and more massages etc, then wash rinse and repeat.

After a rather hearty breakfast on Sunday morning it was back into Newcastle for a flying visit with sis as she couldn't make it on Friday, spent a good couple of hours catching up, put the world to rights and started the homeward journey around 1.30pm.

A steady trip home with some delays around Preston and a few comfort / Costa stops meant we got back around a little before 6pm

542 miles all in with a smiles to match, Tress had a ball, spoilt rotten and pampered to the max

Brownie points earned and banked...….