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Thread: My XJ X351 ownership thread...

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    The boot closing problem is more likely to be a safety issue, in that you can only motor it closed from the boot switch so you can see there are no obstructions.
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    I reckon this is country dependent with the boot close operation. For safety reasons it won’t let you, but it’s in the manual from other countries.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kbizet View Post
    Jim have only just caught up with the thread and and I have to say that the detailers have done a great job your cars always look good anyway but it looks even better now.
    Thanks Kbizet, glad you enjoyed it, looks awesome, or at least it did lol
    It'll be all good again once I get some good weather

    Quote Originally Posted by mac_doctor View Post
    Wow. That was clean. A shame that (I assume) it didn't last until you got home! I'll lend you a few of my snails, they'll cure you of this obsession. Scottish weather doesn't lend itself to car house proudness, in my experience. Nor do Scottish roads, for that matter.

    ... now I have to go and check my boot too. I am fairly sure that the whole electric boot thing is one way (open) only on my car, but as that was exactly what I expected it never occurred to me that there was something broken.
    Yes Chris, was clean right enough...
    It's the scratch removal though that lends to the high shine, it'll be back when cleaned on a nice day.

    We do have them up here you know, in actual fact way too may nice hot sunny days just recently.....I've been praying for a little cooler weather and some light Scottish rain, being part ginger I don't do too well in the heat.
    Surprised about your comments on Scottish roads though, in general much better than those down South I'd say, probably down to less traffic. It all depends on where you were I suppose.
    Cheers Chris

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