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Thread: XKR 5L to F type r AWD

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    Question XKR 5L to F type r AWD

    Have had an 11 reg XKR for two years now and have come into a bit of money so am thinking of trading in for a 2yr old F type R awd. I love the XKR (and would keep it if I had the funds) but having previously owned boxsters for 11 years sometimes miss the sportier feel. I also find the XKR a bit tiresome in the wet (or even slightly damp) you just can't get the power down. Another factor is the infotainment system in the XKR, it's a bit slow and clunky to say the least. It will be my only year round car and I wondered if the f type will give me more of that sporty feel, I don't expect it to be a boxster but hope it will be a bit more agile than XKR. I don't need four seats or a big boot so size isn't a factor.
    Do people think it will be a good move? What about thoughts on convertible vs coupe. Fancy a convertible but don't want it to be all floppy. Budget is around £40k plus the XKR (£20k+)

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    I went from a 2010 XFR to a 2014 F-Type S coupe (V6) and haven't regretted it for one second.
    The F-Type R AWD is a fairly heavy beast but I believe it's about the same weight as the XKR and the suspension is quite a bit tauter, and overall it is a much sportier and more agile drive. The ride is a bit firmer but still acceptable as long as you don't use the Dynamic suspension setting when tootling around town. The infotainment in a two year old F-Type is much better than in a 2011 XFR but still well behind the times, but you will probably find it to be a vast improvement. It also pays to get decent tyres, the OEM Pirelli P-Zeros are reasonable in the dry but hopeless in the cold or wet, I have Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S and they are brilliant, in another league compared to the P-Zeros.
    From my reading the convertible is quite tight for a convertible and not at all floppy, but the coupe is much stiffer again and more "chuckable".
    The coupe looks nicer to most and it has a lot more boot/trunk/hatch room than the convertible (which has almost nothing!) as long as you remove the space-saver spare tyre (if fitted).
    2014 F-Type S coupe, Lunar Grey, red seats and nearly all the options.
    The dearly departed - 2010 XFS and 2010 XFR.

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