Thanks guys for your replies I have seen this done on maybe 6 or 7 XJ40s Ive changed it a little Im now using a brake booster from anXJ6 series 3 as recommended the kits themselves cost 0ver $800 from the US and all they are is a booster an adapter plate and a triangle to cover the hole where the boost pump used to be and regarding parts if you are in Europe and you were looking for parts for a 30 year old Falcon or a 30 year old Commodore good luck we are lucky to find them here anyway the rear suspension has been changed so no prob there also how about metric tyres at $500 each from the UK theres none here so I had to use Chev/Commodore wheels and new tyres at at a quarter of the price just the way it is here and BB keep on commenting also re snobs every Jag owner here Ive spoken to at car shows think they are king sh,t to me its just a nice car and as a midlife crisis car it has to be over 30 to register it on special interest rego $200 instead of $800 for the year any Dollar prices just cut them in half and call it Pounds

thanks John