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Thread: BMW 650i Convertible - My 2nd V8

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    1st clean in 4 months

    I noticided a rather insightly small bit of algae had appeared on the side of the fabric roof, today it had doubled in size overnight:

    So, I gave it a good clean, inside and out. Was last cleaned on 16/10/19 while in Monaco.

    The colour of the wheel does mask the dirt to an extent, I was very disapointed to see the bolts and wheel center logos I fitted last year, are corroded/rusty already .

    All done, what a transformation!

    These KUMHO tyres are completely flush with the wheel, no chance of getting away with touching a kerb on these...

    Unlike the PS4s on the rear...

    Much better now all round
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    Looking good Alec, nice work.
    If you can, we’ll see you on the 2nd and if not, definitely the 19th May.
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    Can't have the fancy bit looking a tad unkempt, people will ask what she's been up to

    Must admit a bit of TLC brings her up a treat.

    I know what you mean about the Kumho tyres, you really have to watch what you're doing.

    It'll be great if you make it down to Gaydon in a fortnight, but as Jimbo says, the 19th May we'll be there.
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