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Thread: X300 Body Processor Unit and faulty electrics

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    X300 Body Processor Unit and faulty electrics

    Hi I've recently bought an XJR6 which is undergoing the TLC it now needs. Can anyone help with some electrical issues I am experiencing. The car was an export model and went to Singapore in Dec 1994. It was repatriated to the UK sometime in 1999. When I bought the car last October the dash board switches to the headlights and rear fog lights had been smashed by someone who I suspect was trying to repair the non working fog lights, and the cars loom had been bypassed and fitted with a universal toggle switch to operate them. The power seat function operates, however the memory function does not. The steering wheel column does and occasionally the door mirrors do. The locks were cycling three times when locking the car which I had to do on the key as there were no remote fobs with the car.

    I started by fitting new (second hand) dash switch panel and a UK spec remote locking transmitter as the Singapore/US unit is not compatible with the UK's legal requirements. Doors now lock and unlock on the fob but continue to cycle three times before actually locking.

    I repaired the wiring loom to the rear fog lights and ensured it was complete from the switch panel on the dash but still they do not work. I swapped and tried a new boot lighting module and they still did not work. I powered up the loom from the battery in the boot and they came on and so did the light on the rear fog light switch on the dash, so I believe the loom is complete from the rear of car to the switch now.

    So to the questions.

    1) Does the Body processor module control the Memory function of the door mirrors, seats and steering wheel.
    2) Does the Body Processor feed the rear fog light switch with a live feed or earth.
    3) Is there a cure for the cycling locks ?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks Chris

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    This will help,

    One or more of your door locks has a sticky door ajar switch. The only way to rectify that is to replace the offending door lock mechanism.
    Your other questions will be answered by looking at the relevant electrical diagram from the above.
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