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Thread: Buying an X-Type Diesel - High or Low Mileage and Realistic Budget????

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    Buying an X-Type Diesel - High or Low Mileage and Realistic Budget????

    Hi, I'm a new member and looking forward to getting my first Jag in the very near future - actually over the next two weeks if at all possible. I am seeking an X-Type either 08 or 09 reg, diesel saloon, preferably an automatic 2.2 litre but a manual gearbox or a 2.0 litre might not be a deal breaker for the right car. The questions are.... what would you Jaguar experienced gentlemen and ladies recommend regarding mileage? And what would you consider to be a realistic budget?

    What's the prevailing opinion? Go for low mileage (40-80K miles) or be confident that at 100+ miles the car still has another 100+ miles to give?

    What are the major component 'end of life' milestones for the X-Type?

    Secondly, budget. I have around £5,500 available that could be stretched by another £1K or so. What would be considered the best strategy - to buy cheaply (less than £3K) and then spend £2-3,000 on refurbishment and replacement of crucial components, or pay the premium for a car in concourse condition?.

    I'm based in Leicester, so if anyone could recommend a dealer anywhere in a 100 mile radius who regularly handles good quality X-Types then I would be very grateful to hear about it.
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    Usually the 4-cylinder diesels are not a problem, being Ford. Not the most smooth or quiet, but reasonably long-lived.

    Biggest problem with all X-types is rusting of the sills at the rear. These lie behind what looks like the sills but are not, they're only plastic covers, so get ignored, and when spotted are usually so far gone that repair cost a mint with the car not being worth much, so off to the scrapman it goes. Best to get the youngest car you can, I reckon. £5500-6000 should get you a nice one. I wouldn't bother with a cheapo, as doing a load of work on it puts no value at all into the car. A 100k miles X-type is worth very little, frankly.
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    I have just last moth purchased a 08 2.2 manual se with 80,000 miles for 5500 if that helps. definately go for a face lift (08 onwards) model.

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    As the previous writer I bought a 2009 2.2 Diesel Sovereign manual saloon in February after looking for 3 months.
    The biggest problem was to identify a true 'Sovereign', !!!!!
    I paid £5,200 for a 70k model in Tektite Gray Metallic with full piped leather interior, full service history and 12 month MOT, I then spent money on a full wheel alignment check, Krown inspection and a warrantied full body panel 'rustproofing', finishing with a EUC Remap.
    Really pleased with my X-Type, I spent time finding a clean rust free 'honest' version, I went for a manual as I have been told 'auto's' can have problems as the mileage increases.
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