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Thread: Exhaust gas reading high at MOT abroad....

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    Exhaust gas reading high at MOT abroad....

    Hello all, my 2001 xk8 was just popped on a MOT station here in Spain just for a quick non-official check of the exhaust emission....the chap popped the sensor in the left hand side exhaust, and then made me rev it to 2500 rpm for a minute or so....three readings, two were fine but one was slightly over at 1.1 or 1100..?? Cannot remember exactly, anyway the guy said best replace the sensor in the exhaust...( think there are 2 ) Question is, iif I change the plugs and airfilter or anything else simple, will this bring that reading down....?? cheers
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    It will be the O2 sensor that he is saying needs replacing. A simple job (one bolt and one electrical connector each) and not really any more expensive than a set of spark plugs.
    You would be advised to make sure the car has been for a good run before doing the test to clear it all out and burn off any deposits. Also a tin of Oxicat from Bluechem a week before is advisable. It then just may pass without complaints.

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    Or a Terraclean?
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    It's in the detail.

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    I'd certainly not just do one lambda sensor. all four is definitely the way forward

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